•                                                                                            We "pawsitively" love school!!  


    We "pawsitively" love school!!!!


    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

    I'm looking forward to meeting all my students and their families. It's going to be a great year, and I'm excited to get started. Enjoy these last few days of summer with your children. I know it will be difficult to turn your little ones over to me, but rest assured, that I will take good care of them!!!

    Mrs. Allen


    You'll hear a lot about these dogs:

    Zoey: Our present dog (really my daughter's so, Zoey is actually my granddog)

    Carmel:  Our family's first dog

    Leelah:  Zoey's best friend

    Lipton:  My brother's first dog 

    Jambo:  My brother's present dog

    Remi:  My other brother's first dog

    Maggie Mae:  My other brother's present dog


    The children will probably hear a lot about Elijah....my first grandchild :)


Table of dogs.