• Welcome

    Dear Parents,

         Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! My name is Mrs. Kimberly Brooks and I am excited to begin my 10th year as a Kindergarten teacher at Ferry Farm Elementary. Your child will forever be a Ferry Farm Eagle, but he/she also be an Outstanding Owl in our class!

         This year will certainly be a differet experience for all. I have been working over the summer to get ready for what promises to be a growing journey for your child, you and myself. We all are experiencing life in a very different way and that includes the educational experience as well. One of my goals is to ensure that your child has the best kindergarten experience we can provide at this time while remaining safe and healthy. This will involve a cooperative partnership between you and I. I hope we can have the opportunity to create wonderful learning and growing experiences throughout this school year. 

         I am truly looking forward to beginning another school year with a new group of children. In my humble opinion, Kindergarten is the best grade level smile . The best part of teaching is when I observe the "lightbulblightbulb moment" in a child's eyes. I am referring to the moment when a child realizes, understands and can demonstrate a concept or skill independently! I am excited to help your child have many lightbulb moments throughout their kindergarten journey!

         Thank you for sharing your children with me. We are going to have a fantasic year, learning and exploring many areas.


                           owl Mrs. Kimberly Brooks  teacher