Conference time is upon us!

    Please sign up for a conference on either Monday, October 14th or Tuesday, October 15th using this link. If these days and times do not work for you please email us and we will do our best to accomodate you.

  • You may have noticed your child has been writing a color in his or her agenda near where I place a sticker.  The color indicates how their day went.  

    1. Gold plus a number means your child ended his or her day at the top of the clip chart (gold) and received a certain number of tallies.  Tallies are given for going above and beyond and also for good behavior.  
    2. Gold means your child ended his or her day at the top fo the clip chart, which is wonderful!
    3. Green means he or she had a good day but may have made a mistake at some point during the day.
    4. Yellow means your child moved his or her clip at least twice down the clip the chart day.  Yellow indicates we need to try harder the next day. 
    5. Red means your child moved his or her clip down the chart at least three times.  Red will sometimes mean a call or email home because today may have not been the best day.
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  • Please make sure that you have headphones this year, as we will be using them every day! :-)

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