Dear Families,


    Hello! My name is Betty Bond. I am so excited to be working with you this year. Together I know that we will give your child the best kindergarten experience despite the distance learning circumstances.


    This is my 31st year of teaching. I have taught for Virginia Public Schools for 29 years and for a private school for 1. 27 years of that time has been in the kindergarten classroom. I thought 2 years of first grade and 2 years of second grade as well. 


    First I want to say I am here to help you. The technology end of this year is going to be the greatest challenge. We have a team of people who are here to help you. First there's me. I will respond to any problem that you have as quickly as I possibly can. If I don't know the answer I will find somebody who does. 


    We Also have a team of people behind the scenes to help you. We have a staff member who will be in all Google meet that will have your contact information and we'll be able to get in touch with you immediately if they see a problem. You may be getting a phone call from Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Raybould if they see a problem or if you need assistance. if they are unable to fix the problem they may call Mrs. Armstrong for assistance. If all else fails we will call Mr. Larme.So you see there is an army behind the scenes ready to assist at any time.


    As in any school classroom there are some expectations that need to be spared with you.First to give your child a real sense of being in school we need to have them school ready in front of their computer at 8 a.m. everyday. So that means they need to have eaten breakfast, be dressed, have their teeth brushed and their faces washed. These are all things you would do with your child before they got to school during a normal school year. We want to encourage these habits now so they become second nature for years to come.


    Second Your child needs a quiet work space. A desk or table with a straight-back chair that  has a wall behind it would be best. They need to have all of their materials readily available to them on their desk or table. Using headphones would also be a good practice. This way they can concentrate better and the noise around them will be minimal.  Please do not allow your child to have water bottles or glasses of water during their time in a Google meet. These tend to be a big distraction.


    When Your child logs into a Google meet they need to have their camera on and their microphone off. I will be teaching them how to turn the microphone on and off so they can ask and answer questions.


    I will be giving your child time to work quietly on items during the times that we will be on Google meets.These are good times for them to get a drink of water or use the restroom. During these times I will have a timer set so that they will be able to hear and see when it is time to return to the Google meet and share their work. Because our time together is so short these are very important guidelines.


    You will be coming to school to pick up Chromebooks and materials to be used through the school year on the following days and times:

    • August 26th from 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
    •  August 27th from 8:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    •  August 28th from 8:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    You will find a large number of school materials provided for you at that time plus a small gift for your child. Please feel free to allow your child to explore these materials. However they need to be kept together and remain unused until  given directions to use them. At some point during the school year some of these items will need to be replaced. Please feel free to replace any items that get worn out or used up as necessary. 


    In the materials packet,you will find a large piece of yellow bulletin board paper. That paper is meant for your child to decorate as the backdrop in their virtual classroom. When the backdrop is complete you can hang it on the wall behind their desk. In my welcome video that I will email to you later this weekend, I have demonstrated a finished product for your child to see. 


    Also in the materials packet you will find a piece of cardstock with seven circles on it. They are a thumbs up, a thumbs down, a question mark, and circles with the letters capital A,B,C,D along with 7 popsicle sticks. Please have your child practice their coloring in the lines and cutting skills on the circles. Help your child cut them out and attach them to the popsicle sticks included in your materials packet.


    Our first instructional week starts August 31st. A group will have time with the teacher on August 31st and September 1st. B group will have time with the teacher September 2nd and September 3rd. B group students will find a special letter in their packet things that they can be doing on August 31st and September 1st. A group of students will receive instruction on those days and therefore will not do the exploration activities. They will be covered during instructional time for this group.


    Please be aware that there is new instruction everyday whether it is instruction with the teacher or through the canvas website. Therefore  A group students will receive instruction on with the teacher Tuesday and Wednesday and will use the canvas materials on Thursday, Friday and Monday. B group students will receive instruction with the teacher on Thursday and Friday and use the Canvas materials on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


    Please find below:

    • The Google meet code that your child will be using during time with the teacher.
    • How to access a Google Meet. 
    •  my email address
    •  orientation meet times for you.
    • Instructions on how to access your child's canvas account and your child's clever account.
    •  A link to a website with more in depth instructions as to how to use canvas as an adult and a child. (This is a great website. I have learned quite a lot using it.)
    • Schedules for days with your teacher and days without your teacher as well as a list of days and times with the library, music, PE and our teachers as well as the counselors. 


    Our first week of school will be a big training week for the children and a big learning week for us all. Teachers will give instruction about how to use the technology to our students. However we will be learning as we go together. This is uncharted territory for all of us this year. Everyone needs to be given grace so we can learn to use this technology well and to iron out the bumps.I want to emphasize again that I am here to help you as well as the list of people above. Please be sure to get in contact with us if you have any problems whatsoever. If we can't find the answer we will find someone who can. We want to hear from you.


     Please expect a phone call from me  the week of August 24th. I wanted to let you know about this phone call which I will be trying to make from my school  phone but maybe using my personal cell phone. If you get a call with no caller ID, most likely I am using my personal cell phone. If you don't answer I will leave you a message  with a time that I will call you back. I look forward to speaking to you next week. 


    I know there is a lot of information here and I apologize for throwing it you at once. have no fear if you lose this email or the paper copy that I will include in your materials packet. This will be on my web page for the entire year. I hope the information here helps you understand what will be happening and answers some of your questions. 


    Once again I am excited about starting this new year. I am excited about being your child's teacher and working with you. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at the address below. 


    Betty Bond


    Google Meet Code: bond213


    Google meet access: 

    •  Open your Google Chrome web browser.
    •  click on Google apps  (the waffle) in the upper right-hand corner.  
    •  scroll down to the meat link and click on it. This is a camera inside a green thought bubble.
    • Click on “join or start a meet.”
    • Type in the above meet code and click continue.
    • Mute the mic before entering the meet and click “join now.”
    • To unmute your mic in a meet hover over  the bottom center of the screen and click on the mic. Click on the mic again to mute after you speak. 


    Clever Access:

    • Go to the Grafton Village Elementary home page.
    • Scroll down to Student Resources
    • Click on blue Clever button
    • Your child’s username is 


    Mine would be: 


    • Your child’s password is 

    First 4 numerals of their birthday and last 4 of their student identification number (I can email this to you if you need it).

    Mine would be: 



    Email address: bondbj@staffordschools.net


    Orientation Times: Please email me with a day and time you would like to attend my Google Meet Orientation.

    Tuesday, August 25 Wednesday, August 26   Thursday, August 27   Friday, August 28

    2:30-3:00         10:00-10:30     2:30-3:00     10:00-10:30

    4:00-4:30         2:30-3:00     2:30-3:00       7:00-7:30


    Canvas Access

    • Open your Google Chrome web browser 
    • Click on Google apps (the waffle) in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Scroll down to the canvas link and click on it. The link is a red circular symbol. 
    • Choose or add your child's Stafford County Public Schools email.


    SPCS Canvas help page:





    • With my teacher:
      • 8:05-8:25 Morning Meeting
      • 8:25-9:55 Reading/Phonics
      • 9:55-10:20 Science/Social Studies
      • 10:20 -11:25 Math
      • 11:25-12:05 Lunch/Recess
      • 12:10-12:45 Specials

    Note: We all know our little ones cannot sit for long periods of time. This schedule is a work in progress. I also need to let you know I am not a minute person. If reading and phonics goes beyond 9:55 because it needs to, then it needs to.  I am a firm believer in teaching in the moment. I don't watch the clock very well. We will have many brain breaks especially in the beginning of the school year. Not written in here are times that we will have bathroom breaks and probably a 10 to 15-minute morning snack. And as discussed above, there will also be times when I give them 10 to 15 minutes to complete a task during which they can get up and use the bathroom, get a drink of water and finish the task.


    • Without my teacher:

      8:00-8:20 Morning meeting (in Google meet)- everyone goes to morning meeting every day. Even days that I will not be teaching them for the rest of the time directly. 

    Literacy: 45 to 60 minutes

    Math: 30 to 45 minutes

    Science or Social Studies: 15 to 30 minutes

    Special class: 15 to 30 minutes 


    • Special schedule:Weekly rotations for synchronous instruction with lessons provided for asynchronous as well

    Week 1- Art

    Week 2 – Library

    Week 3 - PE

    Week 4 - Music

    Week 5 - Guidance

    Week 6 - PE

    Note: specialist joins Meet to lead lesson

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