Welcome to Second Grade!


    Hello! I am so excited to be leading students on the learning journey that is second grade!  This is a very big transition year.  In second grade, we learn to read more challenging texts and, in turn, add more complexity and description to our writing.   We develop our mathematical problem-solving skills while we practice two-digit addition and subtraction and get ready to multiply and divide.  Through science, we investigate the world around us.  In social studies, we learn about our nation's rich heritage and principles and about people who worked to improve the lives of American citizens. And to top it all off, we learn cursive handwriting!


    As we work on this, we will focus on integrating communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, citizenship and wellness (or C5W for short) into our activities.  These skills and abilities are part of the Stafford County Public Schools strategic plan to prepare our students to become all-century learners.  We will be using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) tasks and project-based learning to help our students learn to analyze situations, solve problems, create solutions, and reflect on their thinking.  This will help prepare them for the challenges of the upper elementary grades and beyond.


    I am also excited to announce that in this class, every student will have access to a Google Chromebook.  We have a blended-learning classroom in which students use technology to practice and review concepts at their own pace.  


    We will have blocks dedicated to language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, as well as encore (physical education, computer lab, library, art, and music).  As part of our commitment to wellness, we also encourage healthy eating at lunch and healthy activity at recess. 


    We practice a Responsive Classroom approach to teaching to promote strong academics along with social and emotional growth in an inclusive, welcoming school community. We meet every morning to start our day on a positive and welcoming note. We establish rules together so everyone understands our expectations.  Instead of punitive measures when mistakes are made, we practice logical consequences.  We do this as a way to create a positive classroom environment where we all feel included and free to make mistakes as we learn and grow.


    We have lots of FUN during this important transition year! How sweet it is to be in second grade!