Welcome from Mrs. Mayo


      Hope everyone had a wonderful summer!  I would like to welcome everyone new to Hampton Oaks. I am very excited to be working with 3rd and 5th grade this year!  I have some wonderful people to work with on both teams.

      We are going to be working on integrating C5W (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, citizenship, and wellness) into our curriculum to build all century learners.  We will be including this in our reading, math, science and social studies throughout the year.  

         I really enjoyed the training I went to this summer! I learned some new techniques and activities to help those children who have difficulty with learning how to read.  I am so excited to use many of these techniques with my students in the fall.  I have been working hard this last week in August to get things ready for the new year school year.  I am relearning the fifth grade curriculum since it has definately changed since the last time I worked in 5th grade.   I hope to see you at Open House. If you don't make it on Thursday night, I will see you on September 4. Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Mayo


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    Any donations are tax deductible and will be helping my students with reading.