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    Referrals for FOCUS Evaluations

    Parents, please know that if you are interested in having your child evaluated for the FOCUS program this school year, you will need to meet with me to begin the referral process by February 28. The deadline for referrals is March 1. Thank you! Please feel free to contact me at mckeeversl@staffordschools.net.

    Gifted Advisory Committee

    If you have a passion for the advancement of our identified Focus students, I have an opportunity for you! Each year, parents can apply to be a member of the Gifted Advisory Committee that is appointed by the School Board. This group meets once a month to discuss needed services for gifted students and make recommendations to the School Board for consideration. Please consider this opportunity to be an advocate for Stafford's gifted students. Let me know if you have any questions about this committee. This year, the committee meets on the first Monday of each month - you are welcome to join in if you would like.