A message from Ms. Brooks,

    Hello all my little bears! We all miss you and hope you are staying safe and healthy. Bored? Make something fun or just look around your home for something beautiful. Look at things from a diferent perspective, get low on the floor or stand (safely) on a chair. Here are some more ideas.


    At Home Learning Activities


    ms. brooks pintrest page

    Make a color wheel out of found objects in your house.

    make recycled art out of toilet paper tubes or milk jugs

    visit a virtual museum




    Our school is beginning our first big set of testing and we are taking art on the road! Well the class rooms anyway. When having art in the class room students will learn about digital art and explore interactive art related sites. On days that students are in the art room we are all exploring and creating clay sculptures!


    Hope everyone had a wonderful break. We are creating lots of winter inspired art over the next several weeks. 5th grade is starting self portraits inspired by the Chinese artist Hung Liu. 4th grade is creating feather designs with color theory and complex pattern. 3rd grade is working on radial symmetry in dream catcher designs. 2nd grade is studying chalk painting and creating family portraits inspired from the book "Snowmen at Night" 1st grade is painting warm mugs of hot cocoa. Kindergarten is creating self portraits with paper collage catching snowflakes on their tongues.

    November ART

    Thank you to all the families that supported Square 1, our ART fundraiser! Your orders will be in soon and will be distributed to the students. In November we are wraping up our fall projects, doing some fun positive/negative space design work and getting ready to start some new things when we get back from our break. Happy Thanksgiving!


    October ART

    Greetings and welcome to art! In October all classes are working on their project for Square 1. In early November your child will come home with an opertunity to purchase products with their art printed on it. They will also come home with a FREE sheet of stickers featuring their art.

    The rest of the month of October kindergarten, first, and second grade students will be creating fall inspired art. Third grade students will make painted resist dream catchers. Fifth grade will finish up their faux stained glass to feature on our windows.