•  What a beautiful new facility we have at MES!  I welcome our BEARS to this beautiful new place for innovative learning so we can learn together.  It is great to hear the sounds of children in the halls.

     My name is Susan Kutt and I have been the Mathematics Specialist at MES for the last fifteen years.  Many of the events of my personal life have made me what I am today.  My family is from the midwest.  My parents met on a blind date and 65 years later they are still married. I got my work ethic and my committment to my work from them as an example. 

    It is impossible for me to call any one place home as I grew up in the military.  I had the adventure of living or going to school in Tel Aviv, Israel, Mountain Home, Idaho, Dayton, Ohio and many other places until we settled and retired in Woodbridge, VA. I graduated from Woodbridge High School and beautiful Virginia is my home. My Dad is an USAF Retired is veteran of two tours of duty in the Vietnam War so I can relate to our younger BEARS who have deployed parents and our children who move around a lot.  I loved and grew from the experience but was always apprehensive about what was coming up next. In my freetime, I love to quilt and take care of my elderly parents. Both are truly a labor of love. I have made two Quilts of Valor quilts for Veterans who have served and I make pillow cases for the Veterans who are admitted into the local VA hospital. I also occasionally make baby quilts for babies through a project called Project Linus.  It is essential that we find ways to pay forward.

    I have two brothers one who lives in Phoenix, Arizona and the other who lives in Greer, South Carolina.  I have 4 nephews and 2 nieces of varying ages from 35 to 13.  They grow up way to fast.  I also have 2 Great Nephews, and 2 Great Nieces. 

    Most of the members of my family are either educators, first responders, or miliary relatedl My niece, Sarah , is a Kindergarten teacher so the next generation of Miss Kutt will continue.

    I have been the Math Specialist at Moncure Elementary School for fifteen years. I received my undergraduate degree, a B.S. in Elementary/Middle Education with a minor in Mathematics from Longwood College (now Longwood University) and completed a Masters of Education in Mathematics Education from the University of Virginia. I have a Mathematics Specialist Endorsement from the Virginia Department of Education. I have also been a licensed teacher for 34 years. I taught 5th grade at the old Stafford Middle School and was transferred to Anne E. Moncure Elementary to serve as a fifth grade teacher. 30 years later I am still a Moncure BEAR.

     I work in classrooms with teachers and students. I love teaching math in new exciting ways because  I love to see the ah-ha  moment when a student understands a new math concept. I truly believe all children need a way to connect to a mathematical ideas so they can understand what is happening in a certain problem or task not just rotely memorize facts and procedures. I want to ensure that all students feel successful in learning mathematics unlike myself who did not feel successful in math and for the many others who have expressed that they were not as well. My team is here to reach out to our BEARS and teach the love of learning. Worksheet do not grow dendrites is one of our themes.

     I can not do it without this incredible team:

    • Elizabeth Ismail, 2-5 Instructional Paraprofessional (Reading and Math)

    • Lily Maiorana, 2-5 Instructional Paraprofessional (Reading and Math)

    • Laura Raimond, Title I Paraprofessional (Reading and Math)

    • Jolynn Bradshaw, Instructional Paraprofessional, (Classroom, Reading, and Math )

    • Barbara Yonts, Instructional Paraprofessional (Classroom, Reading, and Math)


    Email: skutt@staffordschools.net