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    Stay Well, Jags! We're here for you.             rtms

    •      The RTMS counseling team would like you to know we are here for you. During this challenging and uncertain times, we all experience a major adjustment facing the unknown. None of us have had to go through anything like this before so we need to be there for each other. Be kind, take care of family and friends, but take care of yourself as well. Let's know how you are doing. You can reach out to us by email Monday through Friday, during school hours. We will be checking our emails consistently.

      If you have any questions about registration, Parent/Student Vue please email Mrs. Lang at  langhf@staffordschools.net

           We WILL get through this, and we cannot wait to see you again!


    Mission Statement: We will build a community of principled learners who are actively engaged in their education and value different approaches to learning in an atmosphere of respect that promotes independent, self-guided, self-directed, and life-long learning. Counselors, students, parents, and fellow educators will facilitate a program that will foster personal growth through a supportive, safe, nutruring and healthy learning environment."

    "The professional school counselor is a certified/licensed educator with a mental health, emotional and social perspective. We are trained in school counseling with unique qualifications and skills to address all students’ academic, personal/social and career development needs. Professional school counselors implement a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes and enhances student achievement." (ASCA, The Role of the Professional School Counselor). We work as a team with school adminstrators and staff, parents and the community to create a caring, and supportive climate whereby young adolescents can achieve academic success.

     Middle school is an exciting, yet challenging time for both students and parents. Our goal is to enhance the learning process and promote academic achievement, prepare students for secondary, and post-secondary opportunities, and achieve optimal personal growth, to realize their full academic and personal potential. We offer help in areas such as: organizatioanl, study and test-taking skills , education in understanding self and others, coping strategies, peer relationaships and effective social skills, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, goal-setting and conflict resolutaion, career awareness, exploration and planning, and many more as needed.


    • Serving as an advocate for the student
    • Promoting student academic success
    • Collaborating with parents, teachers, administrators, and community resources
    • Assisting students with transition
    • Providing information and support for transfer students
    • Planning academic and career pathways
    • Promoting a positive learning environment


     Counselors are available from 8:00am - 3:15pm to speak to you and/or your student. Topics may include but are not limited to academic courses, program planning, and parental concerns related to social and emotional topics impacting their student's success. Counselors are available for appointments by e-mailing your student's counselor directly or by contacting our Counseling Administrative Assistant at (540)658-6420.




Stay Well Jags Video Series


  • The ROARS Recognition Program

    The school-wide positive behavior reinforcement and recognition program. ROARS (Responsible, Organized & prepared, Accepting of self & others, Respectful, Safe & orderly).

    When the student is exhibiting ROARS behavior, using the Jaquar ROARS slip, write their name, circle the grade, circle which part of the ROARS behavior that the student has displayed, share any comments and sign.

    The expectations of the ROARS program is:

    * Foster a positive school climate

    * Focus the attention on appropriate behaviors and success 

    * Increase the chance that desired behavior will be repeated

    * Reduce negative student behaviors

    The goal is to make RTMS a positive and successful learning environment for all students "All means All". Our target areas include the classrooms, cafeteria, bathrooms, bus, hallways....




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