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    Welcome to an adventurous 2017-2018 school year!  One of my most favorite children's author is Roald Dahl (The BFG, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda).  I thought it powerful to share some quotes from one of the most billiant children's authors of all time ~Roald Dahl~ as we set out on this important journey together.

    "If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books."

    "Tremendous things are in store for you!  Wonderful surprises await you."

    "Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world."

    "The more risks you allow children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves."

    "Life is more fun if you play games."

    Communication is so important throughout the school year.  Don't hesitate to contact me anytime ~ craigje@staffordschools.net ~ Your child matters so much!

    Working Together,

    Mrs. Craig