• September 2018!

     The year is just beginning and we are getting underway to much learning. There are many exciting and new concepts beging taught.

    Math: We are working on number sense of whole numbers like the following:

    • reviewing factors and multiples
    • even and odd number and their operations
    • prime and composite numbers
    • prime factoratization 

    We will begin the world of decimals in the next week or so.

    Science: We are getting our feet wet with the understanding of the scienitific method. 

    • making observations and forming questions
    • creating a hypothesis
    • conducting experiments, using variables
    • collect data
    • making conclusions based on results of data and observations

    Social Studies: We are working on our geography skills

    • continets and oceans
    • geographical regions of North America
    • waterways of the U.S.


    Math Video Assignments

    Every Sunday, a new math video is assigned for student viewing. The purpose of the videos are for students to gain an understanding of math concepts before coming to class. This gives them the opportunity to be more proactive and accountable for their learning. Watching the videos has the following benefits:

    • gives them the chance to get the math lesson without distraction of other students
    • it allows students to learn at their own pace 
    • content can be accessed from anywhere
    • more assistance from the teacher during class time
    • encourages higher student engagement in class

    I want students to get the most out of their experience with math this year. Using these videos would do that. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

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