April 2020


    April is bringing us warmer weather and chances to experience nature. As we adjust to this new way of learning, please make sure to look at the newsletter and the county activities. 

    5th Grade will be launching Google Classroom on April 6th. This will have grade level materials for all students to access.  


    Math: We are working on the following:

    • Reviewing all concepts taught


    Math Video Assignments

    Math video are assigned at times for student viewing. The purpose of the videos are for students to gain an understanding of math concepts before coming to class. This gives them the opportunity to be more proactive and accountable for their learning. Watching the videos has the following benefits:

    • gives them the chance to get the math lesson without distraction of other students
    • it allows students to learn at their own pace 
    • content can be accessed from anywhere
    • more assistance from the teacher during class time
    • encourages higher student engagement in class

    I want students to get the most out of their experience with math this year. Using these videos would do that. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


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