• Fabulous Fourth Grade

    Fourth grade if off to a wonderful start.  We have been working hard at school.  

    Please consider sending in non-food items (erasers, pencils are a few items that come to mind) to celebrate birthdays and special occassions. 

    Diane Skavdahl



    Our field trip to Fredericksburg is February 19th.


  • Math

    Number sense:

    Comparing fractions

    Simplifying fractions


    Multiplication Facts (through 12)

    Multiplying 2 digit numbers

    Dividing 2 or 3 digit by 1 digit

    Showing their work and practicing strategies is very beneficial when doing math work.

    Dream Box is an excellent resource to practice these and other mathmatical skills.


    We are working on drawing conclusions as well as identifying the main idea and details of a passage.

    AR goals are set for each student and it is an expecatation that students take AR tests on books they read at home or at shcool.




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  • We are working hard to ensure our students' minds and bodies are ready for learning each day. Keeping in mind that we have student with allergiesI would highly encourage non-food treats to celebrate birthdays.

    If you any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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