happy children

    Welcome to the Rockhill Elementary's Early Childhood program. Our classroom is an inclusive learning environment that consists of students with and without special needs. We strive for a warm, welcoming, language-enriched environment in which all children have fun and learn. Daily small and large group instruction and activities encourage explorations, problem solving, social communication, and responsibility. Our curriculum is aligned with the Virginia State Standards for Learning for 4 year olds which addresses such developmental skills as: Cognition, Language, Social and Emotional, Self Help, and Fine and Gross Motor. Math, Literacy, Social Studies, Science, and Arts are learning area driving instruction. The guiding principles for our classroom program include:

    • Children learn best through active involvement with people, materials, events, and ideas.
    • Consistent adult support and respect for children's choices, thoughts, and actions strengthen a child's self-esteem, feelings of responsibility, self-control, and knowledge.
    • Children learn best when immersed in a positive, consistent, and predictable routine.
    • Children greatly benefit from a language enriched environment.

    Our Early Childhood staff includes a collaborative team of educators, para professionals, and related service providers. I lool forward to sharing many exciting new adventures with your child and working with families to provide learning experiences for your child!


    Laura Szymendera, Early Childhood Special Educator