• Exploring the Rain Forest


    Welcome to Rockhill!

    In our third grade class, we work on developing a positive classroom community where students are engaged in learning. Students are encouraged to invest in the ownership of their classroom environment where their voices are acknowledged and recognized. We work on skills that help students take responsibility for their learning, promote individual and group problem solving, and encourage individual reflection about learning strengths and weaknesses.

    This is the first year that the children will be taking the Standards of Learning test in the spring. This is quite a responsibility. Many of the science and social studies units will be exlored via Project Based Learning. A few areas in which we will be exploring include ancient civilizations, early explorers, government, soil, and the water cycle.

    We will be studying a wide variety of skills in math. We will be working with many different hands-on math activities as well as utilizing various strategies to help with better understanding of the math concepts.

    The students will be working in small groups to discuss the literature we read. We will be working with literacy stations where students may explore reading and writing across the curriculum. We will also explore blended learning during our reading group time.  Please encourage your child to read for at least ten minutes each day.