• Mrs. Kelish - Second Grade - Community of Learners 2019 - 2020

    The first day of school begins Monday, August 12! The class theme is Global Endeavors! My mantra is to Make Memorable and Mindful Moments for the students in room 20! 


    I will create a risk-free active place where thinking is visible, is nurtured, and is valued. The classroom norms are learner-centered and knowledge-centered. I am a reflective practitioner, and your children will become reflective learners. We both ask, "What do I know so far? What am I "fuzzy understanding?" "Where are we in our learning continuum?" We will embrace that learning is a journey.


    Your children will set personal goals so that they can learn and strengthen the learning targets and outcomes outlined in the room. They will be self-aware of what they know and what confuses them. They will effectively skills and strategies as they learn content. At the end of second grade and even before the last quarter, your children will consider themselves independent learners.


    I look forward to nurturing, guiding, and encouraging your children as I develop lessons and investigations that capture your children's interests. As a class, we will experience captivating journeys of curiosity, discovery, research, experimentation, discourse, analysis, excitement, stewardship, and laughter!


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