• Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!    I'm really excited to be your child's second grade teacher! I'm looking forward to an awesome year!  This year, your child will read with more confidence and fluency, increase comprehension, problem solve and explain his/her thinking, learn about famous Americans, Native Americans, geography of the US, begin cursive handwriting, and so much more!    If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email me at johnsonka@staffordschools.net.  

  • You may have noticed some second grade classes use agendas to post test/quiz dates.  I will NOT be using an agenda this year.   Instead, I will keep you informed of upcoming tests, quizzes and other dates of importance via this web site and notes in your child's blue dolphin folder.   I will try to give you a week's notice of a test/quiz. A study guide or other papers done in class will come home to help your child study.  

    Word Study tests will be given every Friday, unless told otherwise.   Your child's word study sheet will come home with him/her on Monday.   

    Homework in second grade is being approached a bit differently this year. No papers or notebooks will be turned in to us, at the end of the week, except unfinished school work.   We hope you will find this flexible and accomodating to your family's busy schedule.  A detailed note will be coming home on Friday, September 23rd and it discusses the four areas of homework.  1.  Nightly reading- read for 20 minutes.   2.  Math practice with games.  An activity sheet will be sent home on September 26 explaining the games.  3.  Unfinished school work- anything not completed during the school day will be sent home and returned completed the next day.  4.  Studying for tests-  A Word Study grid will come home with nine activities that your child can do to help him/her study for the test on Friday.  Studyguides will also come home to allow your child time to study for any math, social studies, or science tests.   

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  • Due to allergies, second grade is refraining from birthday food and candies.  Instead, if you want to send in a little something special for the birthday, we suggest decorative pencils, fun erasers, stickers, small Dollar Tree toys,  etc...  I will also present your child with a certificate, pencil, and birthday hat.  We have 24 students in our class.  Thank you for your understanding.   

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  • I'm enjoying the getting to know you activities that we've done as a class!    We have been busy with learning routines, procedures and expectations.  In the past few years, I've used the Responsive Classroom approach to setting a positive classroom climate.  We talk about daily interactions with other people, academics, and building a respectful behavior scaffold.   Our day starts with a morning meeting where we set a fun tone with a greeting, sharing, group activity and the morning message.  Please ask your child to tell you about our morning meetings. 


    In math, we have been working on number sense with reading, writing, and identifying numerals using base ten models.  We used pattern blocks to cover an area, used a number line to reason and keep track of information about the relationship of numbers.  We also reviewed even and odd numbers, and have used basic facts in addition and subtraction to create story problems using number sentences. 

    COMING UP:  Using a 100's chart to find missing numbers, money (coins) review and number line (guess my number), making parts of 10, addition facts. 


    In reading, we have been going over the importance of finding a "good fit" book and the kids practiced finding books in our classroom library.  We have also been working on building reading stamina.  I ask the class to think about what a good reader "Looks and Sounds" like.  Once each child finds a book, I time the class looking to see how long they stay focused.  I see them getting better and better every day.  We have also been doing some writing in the journals. 

    COMING UP:  Noun review, Pals testing (I'll go over the results at our Nov. conference.), creating guided reading groups and independent literacy stations.


    In social studies, we recently finished learning about famous people.  Those we learned about were Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Carver, Benjamin Franklin, and Christopher Columbus.  

    COMING UP:   Map Skills


    Currently in science, we are studying life cycles of White Tail Deer, flowering plant, and the butterfly.  




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