Meet the Librarian

  • Ms. Ashby

    Ms. Ashby surrounded by books

    I never planned to be a librarian. My first master’s degree is in interpersonal communication and I taught at a university right after graduation but moved to Michigan after two years due to a family emergency.  Living in a small town of 3000 - without a college - I took a job as a school librarian which I ended up loving. I have been a school librarian now for 31 years and I still love the job.  

    My time outside of work generally breaks down into four areas:

    1. Reading. I've always enjoyed reading but as a middle school librarian that hobby is more important than ever in order to be able to recommend the latest, greatest titles to my students.  I read 2-3 books a week, 95% of them young adult titles.  You can see what I'm reading on GoodReads.
    2. Photography. Crafting and art have been important to me throughout my life.  I've done all kinds of crafts including teaching basket making at the Columbus Cultural Art Center.  I've dabbled in photography for years but have really been dedicating time to it for the past year, working on improving my skills.
    3. Animals. I love animals of all kinds and my husband and I have found homes for many stray cats and adopted a good number of them as well.   A lot of my time outside of work involves doing pet chores.
    4. Travel. We started traveling in 2005 and discovered that we love seeing new places, especially natural areas.  That 2005 trip to the west coast and Alaska awakened a love of travel.  Since that first trip we have now been to Ireland, Canada, Death Valley, Iceland (twice), Puerto Rico, Norway, Yellowstone, and several other destinations in the United States and beyond.

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