Children playing Clipart

    Davis' Kinder Slide Slow

    Salutations, Kindercats!

    I have missed all of you so much. I think about each and every one of you daily and can't wait to see your faces again!

    I'm so glad we have an opportunity to interact with each other using technology. We  are embarking on a new adventure so lets make it fun and exciting!

    Parents, as you know, we (teachers) are navigating unchartered waters so please be patient as we continue to make virutal learning as smooth as possible for our students. Please note that we have very strict guidelines regarding permissable links and applications that can be provided to you on our website.Your Kinder is permitted to use any links posted on my web page or through our Clever application site on the school website (they will need their passwords). At this time all work posted is optional and will not be graded. Please do not worry that your student is missing a lot of new material because of the school closing. They have already learned approximately 85% of the curriculum. However, I do encourage you to work with your Kinder as much as possible to help maintain previously learned objectives and to help support the transition to First Grade in the fall.

    Below is a list of fundamental objectives each Kinder should be able to do at this point.  Please consider reinforcing the skills below, with your child, if he or she does not meet these expectations. 

    • Recognize (Out of sequence) AND Write BOTH upper and lower case letters of the alphabet
    • Write first and last name with beginning upper case letter and remaining lower case letters
    • Name all vowels and produce both long and short sounds of each.
    • Produce rhyming words
    • Apply letter-sound knowledge to sound out CVC (Consonant Vowel (short vowel) Consonant) words: dog, hop, cat, net, cup, -examples
    • Count to 100
    • Count to 100 by 10's (by 5's for advanced learning)
    • Write numbers 1-20 accurately (no backward numbers)
    • Recognize numbers (out of sequence) to 20 (100-advanced learning)
    • Count sets of objects (up to 32 items) and write corresponding number

     There are practice links on the Class Resources link on my web page. This is great daily practice.