• Nunnally


    Unfortunately, our school year on-campus experience has come to an unexpected halt.  Even though this may bring challenges,  we are happy that you all are home safe with your families.


    This link leads to an educational packet provided by Stafford County Public Schools.



    While you are at home, we would like to encourage you to participate in various aspects of virtual learning. Please continue to visit  our online resources such as: Dreambox, SolPass, Jlab, ReadTheory, Readworks, Istation and XtraMath.  Starting the week of April 6th, as we receive more directives, additional resources and lessons will be provided on Google Classroom and on our class webpages. These online tools are resources that are being offered to you. Let's keep our brains sharp! 

    If you need help or assistance, please call/text/ or email your child's teacher,  Monday-Friday 12:00pm-2:00pm. We are here for you!


    Tips For Parents Teaching At Home:

    • Keep a daily routine.
    • Take brain breaks as needed and allow students opportunities to recharge. GoNoodle.com offers physical activities.
    • Encourage problem solving.
    • Play games and try to make the learning fun.
    • Cook together and involve children in  everyday activities.
    • Create and discuss ground rules and expectations/boundaries.  
    • Let kids share ownership of their learning.



    Welcome to Mr. Nunnally's Super Scholars!! I am looking forward to a great year with your child. Please be aware that my site will be undergoing many changes over the course of the year. I want to make sure that I keep you well informed of the things going on in our class this year. Please be sure to check the website on a regular basis for any new links, updated long term homework assignments/projects, and any other important information I need you to be aware of. Your child's agenda is the best way to stay notified of any nightly assignments that we may have in room 2. If your child is enrolled in my class, I have already made my cell phone number available to you. You can also find it in the front page of their agenda. Please feel free to utilize it if you have any questions. 

    I am asking PARENTS to look at the agendas, have your child show you their homework and sign their agendas EVERY night. This helps hold your child accountable for getting their work done and will let me know that you are aware of the work that needs to be completed that night. When I see a signed agenda, it leads me to believe that homework was completed and looked at by a parent.
    Please talk to your child about the importance of homework. It is their responsibility to make sure it is taken care of and transported to and from school successfully. I would like us all to work as a team to keep this issue under control. I know we can do it. :)

    Each student has a yellow folder that should be going home each night and coming back to school EVERY single day. Inside this folder you will find homework, graded papers, important announcements from the school and notes from me. Please go through the folder with your child EVERY Friday evening. Take out all graded papers and flyers that get sent home. Having your child clean his or her folder weekly will help keep your child more organized and able to find their assignments. If you have a question about a given paper, simply put a note on it and I will respond to it. =)




    All 5th graders participate in the DARE program. It is held during school hours once a week. The purpose of this program is to teach our students about saying no to drugs, the effects drugs have on a person, gangs and peer pressure. Our class meets with Deputy Scoggins in the spring this year.

    What We Are Working On

    Writing: Narrative writing, staying on topic, using complete sentences, adding details, capital letters, punctuation and spelling


    Spelling: Greek and Latin roots. (Spelling words can be found in the agenda. 



    Review- Multiplication (1-12) and division facts (1-144)

                 Ordering and comparing decimals and fractions

                 Volume of rectangular prisms

                 Order of operations

                 Decimals on a number line

                 Fractions on a number line


    Science: Cells, living systems

    Review: Scientific method, plant parts, science tools.

    Social Studies:Native American Tribes

                          U.S. geography, regions, rivers, continents, oceans 

    Reading: Compare and contrast, sequencing, cause and effect


    Popcorn Fridays

    Every Friday, the PTO offers popcorn to students for $.50 a bag. Bring in your quarters on Fridays if you want to popcorn.


    Spirit Day Wildcat Friday

    Every Friday will be Spirit Day. Please allow your child to dress in Wildcat colors to show their pride and support for Widewater.