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         Welcome to Mrs. Novalski’s Second Grade classroom at Winding Creek Elementary School! Second grade is an exciting grade full of many wonderful learning opportunities!

         You can expect that we will have at least one field trip this year – dates and places are still to be determined. 

         This year, I hope to utilize a Blended Learning model in our classroom. Blended learning is a program in which a student learns at least a part through delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media with some element of student control over time, place, path or pace. Students will be able to utilize the blended learning model during Reading or Math rotations in our classroom.

    Blended Learning


    Our class has been separated into “Hogwarts Houses” as follows:

            Ravenclaw House                

              Gryffindor House

            Huffelpuff House         

            Slytherin House

    Harry Potter Kids

    Students may earn magical house points that go toward stars on their house point chart. These points are given out to students for demonstrating great behavior in the following ways:











    If a student earns a house point, it goes toward a house point for their house. Students may also lose house points for their house for infractions of the rules in our classroom and in our school. My wish is that we do not lose any house points, but earn lots of them!





  • Open House




    Thursday, August 30th


    The schedule for Open House this year is as follows:


    A-F:  4:00-4:45

    G-M:  5:00-5:45

    N-Z:  6:00-6:45


    Please come during the time slot that matches the first letter of your last name.


    We are looking forward to seeing all of our Winding Creek Wolves!

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