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JR Raybold

Hello Conway families and visitors, 

       I welcome you to Conway Elementary School’s website and hope that you find it both informative and simplistic. Our goal is to provide our families and future families with up-to-date information about our school and community so everyone can see what a great place Conway is to learn and grow. Please take notice of all of the resources we have for our kiddos and parents under your drop down bars. Click on any of those to discover many more great things about the people, events, and services we offer here at Conway. Please also consider subscribing to my Youtube Channel @JRRaybold or Conway’s Facebook page or Twitter @Conwayelemsch.  So, stay a while. Click around. See all of the amazing things the people of Conway do for kids! I thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to discover all that Conway has to offer our great community.  

      In case you want to stick around longer to learn more about me, here is my short story:  I was born and raised in a little town North of Pittsburgh, PA called Mars. I graduated from Penn State with Early Childhood and Elementary Education degrees. My wife, Jen, and I chose to move and teach in Stafford County because of the caliber of schools and the incredible educators we were fortunate enough to meet. After teaching fourth and fifth grades, I assumed the position of Assistant Principal at Margaret Brent Elementary School. I had the privilege of opening this brand new school and helping Mrs. Dottie Truslow forge a new school community that supported the kids of Margaret Brent.  After serving Margaret Brent for five years, I had the incredible opportunity to come to the best school in Virginia and I have been here ever since.  Over the past thirteen years, I have watched children grow from preschoolers to high school graduates!  I have seen Conway students come back as successful leaders and we have even hired a few of them to be teachers or staff members here!  And one of the biggest joys of my life has been to have my own two sons grow up here at Conway.    To say that It is a true honor and privilege to serve this great community is an understatement.  I will always consider it one of my greatest life blessings to have called Conway home.  

      On behalf of every educator here at Conway, we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve your family.  We recognize the enormity of your trust and the incredible responsibility that you have bestowed upon us.  Please know, we have and will continue to give our hearts, souls, minds, and energy to caring for and educating your children and helping them become leaders of their lives.  As always, if we can ever be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call me at 361-1455 or email me at  

Much Love,

JR  :)  

P.S.  Please take a moment to see what I believe makes Conway so special and what I strive for everyday in our Cougarland.    

Beliefs about What Great Schools Do Differently

In Great Schools:


-          Can become a leader of their lives and do amazing things in this world.  EVERY SINGLE CHILD.  

-          Give every task great effort

-          Live their lives with integrity

-          Are leaders of their learning and their lives

-          Find relevance and meaning in their learning

-          Volunteer to help and support other causes bigger than themselves.  

-          Have a Growth Mindset.  They say, "I can't do that yet" but know that effort will get them there.  


-          View students and parents as customers and partners

-          Ensure each child learns at a very high level

-          Are lifelong learners

-          Use every second of their day with students to make a difference in their lives 

-          Ensure ALL students are reaching their full potential

-          Design engaging work that meets the needs of all learners

-          Connect at a very high level with each child and family

-          Inspire each child through modeling and relationships

-         Teach with their hearts 

-         Are researched  


-          Connects at a very high level with every child and family

-          Supports every child, family, and teacher

-          Supports the entire community in and out of the building

-          Instills a love of learning in all

-          Builds a loving, nurturing, and caring place for all to learn, grow, and succeed

-          Inspires and models effort, passion, and work ethic

-          Is in the trenches with the teachers and students.  Meaning, are in rooms every single day with teachers and students.  

-          Knows every child's name

-          Cares deeply for the entire communit


-          Build their child into a learner

-          Model and inspire their child to reach his / her potential

-          Support their child’s education by communicating with the teacher and school

-          Put books into their children's hands and read to them as often as they can

-          Hold their children to high expectations for they believe in their true potential 

-          Ensure their kiddos are at school everyday and are on time