• Welcome to the Rodney Thompson site for the National Junior Honor Society. RTMS is a recognized chapter of the NJHS. Our chapter is involved in many types of activities and community service. We also sponsor several school related activities such as the annual Special Olympics. Our students volunteer throughout the school year for many different types of service and educational opportunities. The NJHS at Thompson consists of 8th grade students who were accepted for membership during the spring of their 7th grade year.

 Mrs. Demars and Mr. Trotta



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Demars and Mr. Trotta


  • Video List
    RTMS NJHS Promo Video - Alex, Mr. Trotta, Ms. Demars and Mr. Nelson

    RTMS NJHS Promo Video

    All you need to know about RTMS NJHS from the amazing Mr. Trotta! Video shot and produced by student and NJHS member Alex. 

    Author: Alex, Mr. Trotta, Ms. Demars and Mr. Nelson   
    Length: 2:34
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  • 7th Grade NJHS Applications Now Available!

    • National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Applications

    Attention 7th grade students and parents, information for this year's National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) applications are now available and will be distributed in Civics class this Thursday and Friday (by March 1). Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 overall combined over the last two years (6th grade overall in addition to 7th grade 1st semester grades), a positive discipline record, and positive attendance record to apply for membership in NJHS. Please see Mr. Trotta or the guidance department to confirm your GPA and enter your GPA below. If you are new to RTMS this year you will need to inform guidance to calculate your overall GPA.

    Intent forms are due March 8.
    Online Application is due March 22 - APPLICATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE!
    Link to online application is as follows:

    NJHS Application Instructions 2019










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  • NJHS Members,
    Our regularly scheduled NJHS meeting for February will be cancelled in lieu of the NJHS Social to be held from 3-4:00 on Weds. Feb. 13.   Please make sure that you sign up on the board in the 8th grade hallway if you plan to attend.   See below for a couple important announcements:
    • NJHS Out of School Hours Opportunity
      Ms. Lieser, the librarian at Grafton Elementary School, is in the process of organizing the fiction section of the library and is seeking NJHS students that may need volunteer hours. The library will be open for 2 Sundays over the next month for interested students: 2/10/19 and 3/3/19 between the hours of 10am -2pm. Please respond to the survey below if you are interested!







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  • NJHS Meeting Next Tuesday / Snow Date Weds.


    In the event that inclement weather has an impact on school next Tuesday (i.e., a delay or closure), we will hold our meeting the following day.   Please make a note that the meeting will take place as follows:

    If no delay / closure:  
    Tuesday  @ 8:00 in the library.
    If a delay / closure:  
    Wednesday @ 8:00 in the library.
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    Our next Meeting is Jan. 15, 8:00 in the library!  Please be present!




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  • November Meeting Minutes (see linked below)









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  • Next NJHS Meeting is during HR on November 27!

    Please come to the library at 8:05, Tuesday 27 November, for our next meeting!

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  • Veterans Day Luncheon

    In honor of our servicemen and women, Rodney Thompson Middle School and the RTMS NJHS & PTO invites all parents / guardians and grandparents to a special luncheon to commemorate Veterans Day on November 9!  Servicemen and women are invited to wear their uniform and allow us to honor their service to our country, as well as send in any photos (to nelsonac@staffordschools.net ) to have be added to our video collage!

    If you would like to join us for lunch on this special occasion, please respond to the following Survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6XJJ2GV .








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  • NJHS October Meeting Agenda 

    * Make sure that you sign in for each meeting!!!

    1. What’s happening in NJHS?
      1. Website
      2. Bulletin board
      3. See your officers
      4. See Mr. T. or Mrs. Demars


    1. Hours Opportunities
      1. Out-of-school hours
        1. Look for opportunities on the board and via form on your email!
        2. Augustine Fall Festival he Augustine Fall Festival will be held on Saturday, November 3 at the Augustine Community Center - 201 Monument Drive. Volunteers are needed to make this event a success!  Duties will include one of the following: helping young children with games and crafts, supervising the bounce house and facilitating check-in.  We also need 2 teen artists per shift who would like to do face painting.   You are to check in with Mrs. Rodriguez when you arrive and when you leave the Community Center.  A sign-up genius for has been created at the following web address:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0E4BA5A82EA6FC1-fall. The sign-up contains two shifts: 1:30-3:30 PM to help work the event and 3:30-5:30 PM to help work the event and clean-up. You can sign-up for more than one shift.  To contact Mrs. Jill Rodriguez directly you can email jillaugustinenorth@gmail.com


    1. Rappahannock River Clean-Up
      1. Event cancelled – rescheduled Spring 19’





    1. In School Hours
      1. Vets Day Luncheon; November 9th – Need to sign up on board to assist in décor during 2nd period / before school and take down during 4th period.
      2. Send videos thanking a Vet! Historian and Parliamentarian may seek video footage during ACT (although this may be something that Video Production is doing already)
    • Look for opportunities on the board


    1. Students Helping Teachers
      1. Tuesdays/Thursdays
        1. Thursday, October 25 (Trotta)
        2. Thursday, November 1 (Trotta)
    • Thursday, November 8 (Trotta)
    1. Thursday, November 9 (Demars – 7am)
    1. 3:15-4:30
    2. Must have ride home to participate
    • Future Meeting Dates: See our NJHS page on the school homepage for events, meeting times and dates
    • October 16, November 13, December 11, January 15, February 12, March 12, April 9, May 7
    • *Every meeting starts at 8:05 in the library.
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    PLEASE BE ADVISED:  Due to river conditions and a possible bacterial issue, the NJHS River Clean-Up scheduled for this weekend has been postponed.  Once the “all-clear” has been issued by the health department, we will re-advertise this opportunity at a later date.  Thank you to all who volunteered to participate in this community service – we hope that you will join us when rescheduled!







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  • ATTENTION NJHS STUDENTS!  First NJHS Meeting Tuesday 9/18 @ 8:00 am

    Our 1st meeting is Tuesday, September 18.  Please come to the library by 8:00 am to attend and learn about this year's activities!


    NJHS 1st Meeting Agenda ~ Welcome Back!

    * Make sure that you sign in for each meeting!!!

    *  Officer introductions and reminders…

    Service Hours - Procedures

    • Students are required to obtain 10 hours of community service.
    • 5 hours are to be spent contributing to the community (out of school hours)
    • 5 hours are to be spent contributing to the RTMS community (in school hours)
    • Students are able to check the NJHS board located in the 8th grade hall for sign-ups and information regarding volunteer opportunities
    • If you are finding it difficult to find hours or not sure if something “counts,” visit and discuss with the NJHS advisors.  We are more than happy to help!

    Hours Opportunities  

    NJHS Hours Sheet

    Out-of-school hours

    1. What are they?
    2. How to confirm them…


    • Starting in October the PTO would love some help selling concessions at home football and field hockey games!
    • These events will carry about 1.5 hours.



    • Check back on the NJHS bulletin board for more information


           Rappahannock River Clean-Up

    1. October 13th
    2. Permission Slip required (see bulletin board and website)


    In School Hours

    1. In-School hours – What are they?
    2. How to confirm them…




           Students Helping Teachers


          • Tuesday, October 2 (Demars)
          • Thursday, October 11(Trotta )
          • Tuesday, October 16 (Demars)
          • Thursday, October 25 (Trotta)
          • More dates will be posted on the NJHS site; Sign up for them on the NJHS board!
        • 3:15-4:30
        • Must have ride home to participate

    Future Meeting Dates:

    • See our NJHS page on the school homepage for events, meeting times and dates
    • October 16, November 13, December 11, January 15, February 12, March 12, April 9, May 7
    • *Every meeting starts at 8:05 in the library.



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  • Meeting Dates

    Please find below our schedule of meeting dates. Please make every effort to be here early on dates for which we will meet. We will meet at 8:05 in the library during Home Room on the following days (*any changes to this schedule will be posted here on our NJHS page and on the school announcements).

    • October 16, November 13, December 11, January 15, February 12, March 12, April 9, May 7
    • *Every meeting starts at 8:05 in the library.

    Rappahannock River Clean-Up - Our 1st hours activity will be from 9am – 1pm at Old Mill Park for the Rappahannock River Clean-Up on October 13.  You can earn 5 hours community service for assisting at the entire event. 






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