Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Hawkins


Information about the 2023-2024 Student Council Association will be shared as the school year begins. 


The student body will instead elect two representatives from each grade level, totaling 6 SCA representatives for the school.

-We will still have a President, but only 8th grade students may run for that position.

-We expect our SCA representatives to be upstanding students both inside and outside the school community. This means that these students need to be responsible, kind, and hardworking people.

-Students running for the representative positions will have to create a two minute speech and be comfortable speaking to the student body. Keep in mind, you will have to be videotaped in order for the student body to vote. 

-I will need to review all speeches before they are videotaped. This is NOT a popularity contest, we want students who have a true desire to make Thompson a better place for our community. 

- Once elected, representatives are expected to attend monthly meetings. 

Bring your questions to our first meeting on 8/30 during extended homeroom. 


Contact Information

School Email:
540 658 6420