Forge Academic Resources

  • Department List

    If you want more information about each department specifically, follow the link here. Please see the High School Program of Studies for the 2023-2024 school year for more information about courses offered. SCPS Program of Studies- High School

    • Business, Information Technology, and Marketing
      • Chair: Mrs. Ingram
    • Career and Technical Education
      • Chair: Mr. Abbott
    • English
      • Chair: Mr. Tulmack
    • Health and Physical Education
      • Health and P.E. Chair: Mrs. Spinelli
      • Driver's Ed Chair: Mrs. Swayze
    • Math
      • Chair: Ms. Keenan and Mrs. Brahler
    • Science
      • Chair: Mrs. Fulmer
    • Social Studies
      • Chair: Mr. Skojdal
    • Student Services
      • Chair: Mrs. Santay
    • Fine and Performing Arts
      • Chair: Mrs. Perry
    • World Languages
      • Chair: Mrs. Chappelle
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