• The Family Service Worker Staff serves as a link between families and community resources.  Each family is assigned a Family Service Worker.  The primary role of social workers in Head Start is to provide support to families as they work to strengthen themselves and improve the quality of their daily lives.  Each family completes a Family Partnership Agreement, setting goals for the year to improve the family.  The Family Service workers help you meet those goals you want for yourself and your family.  If you need a community referral or information about a certain agency our staff can be of assistance.  Every family will receive a Community Resource Guide to help you better know our community and what services it offers.

    Please call the family services staff if you need help in obtaining financial assistance, medical care, nutrition supplementation, housing, employment, education, training, literacy/language instruction, transportation, or assistance with parenting, mental health, substance abuse, or domestic violence  If you need
     a listening ear, just stop by and see one of our Family Service Workers. 

    Some of the special projects we coordinate holiday assistance programs.  We maintain a free clothing and book room.  Each month a variety of workshops for parents are scheduled, including topics on budgeting, nutritious cooking on a budget, and job search assistance.