• Welcome to the Counseling Center of Grafton Village Elementary School!
    We are here to help all children succeed.

    A special welcome to all of our new Grafton Grizzly Students!  We will be checking on you soon to make sure you are meeting friends and feeling comfortable in your new school!

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    Have you set goals for 2019? Focus on success!

    Hi!  I am Kathy Hopun and I am the full time counselor at Grafton Village Elementary.  We also have two other counselors at Grafton: our itinerant school counselor is Nicole Spangler who is here on Wednesdays.  Our TDT(Therapeutic Day Treatment)  counselor is Jessica D'orio.

    School counselors help our students with social, emotional, and academic challenges that might interfere with learning.  We meet with students in classroom guidance , small groups, and individually as needed.  We also work with parents, teachers, administrators, and community organizations to help our students succeed.