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  • What is STAT?

     Governor’s STEM Academy for students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

    • Designed for the hard-working, college and career-minded student interested in connecting academic learning to college and career goals.
    • Three distinct program areas: Biomedical Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology
    • Rigorous, sequenced course of study integrates subject areas.
    • Transportation is provided for students who are accepted to programs outside their base attendance high school.
    • Grades 9-12, half-day, embedded in regular school day.
    • Earn credits to fulfill Advanced Studies Diploma.
    • Emphasis on 21st century skills: analysis, creativity & innovation, critical thinking & problem-solving, collaboration, communication, leadership, initiative, and flexibility.


    Admission is based on interest, and teacher and counselor recommendations (which reflect academic achievement, classroom expectations and attendance.) Application packets are usually available beginning in March on the STAT web page (Visit, click on Signature Programs.) Paper copies will be available in the counseling office at each middle school.  For more information about the applications, contact Tracey Chestnut at  or 540-658-6000. For more information about STAT IT, please contact Jennifer Burdsal at

STAT Announcements

  • STAT IT Lead Teacher: Jennifer Burdsal