2020 Yearbook Sales - Limited Quantities


           The long awaited moment has arrived.  Many have asked about it and now it is here!  After a long delay, the 2020 Tiger Yearbooks are in the house!  And now we need to get them from our home to yours.  We will be conducting a Drive-Thru Distribution on Monday, 29 June 2020 and Tuesday, 30 June 2020 from 9:00am to Noon on both days.  You will need to come to AGW and enter the bus ramp in front of the school.  This is for anyone who ordered and paid for a yearbook, has one on hold, or simply would like to purchase one now.

           If you have already ordered a yearbook, please make sure that you know the 1X, or homeroom teacher, your student had during the 2019-20 school year.  This will greatly speed things up and get you on your way.

           If you wish to place a yearbook on reserve, you must send an email to Mr. Bennett (bennettda@staffordschools.net) as soon as possible and request a book.  Your yearbook will be saved for you until payment is received.  The cost is $30 and we can only accept cash or checks (made payable to A. G. Wright Middle School) at this time.  Credit card purchases are NOT possible.  Be aware that remaining yearbooks are sold one a first come, first served basis until we sell out.

           Note that AGW staff will wear masks and gloves in handling the yearbooks.  We ask that as you interact with the staff, you wear a mask as well and please stay in your cars.  It is our desire to keep everyone as safe as possible.

           Finally, this is for Yearbook Distribution ONLY.  Textbooks, library books, and so forth that need to be returned to AGW, will have to wait until the Front Office has reopened for business.  Nothing can be returned to the school at this time.  

    Thank you for your understanding, patience, and cooperation.

    2020 Tiger Yearbook Cover Art


Last Modified on June 23, 2020