All Kindergarten students need to have a copy of their History and Physical along with their shot record in the clinic before they are able to start school.  TB screening/testing also needs to be completed.  All information needs to be in and completed, on or before the first day of school in order for your child to start school.

    New to county students- All students new to Stafford County Schools need TB screening or testing and a completed History and Physical along with an up-to-date shot record before entering school. Some students may need updates on shots due to changes to immunization requirements.  Parents will be notified of any needs.

    Kindergarten & First Grade Students - Please place an extra outfit in your child’s back pack.  This helps with those unforeseen accidents and most children feel more comfortable changing into their own clothes.
    Medications- All medication, whether over the counter (ex. Tylenol, cough medication, cough drops, etc.), or prescription medication ( This includes 10 day or shorter prescriptions, ex. Antibiotics) needs a permission form filled out  and signed by both a doctor and parent/guardian. Medication needs to be brought in by a parent or responsible party. Students are not allowed to transport medication to or from school.  All medication needs to be in the original bottle with a label.   Medication permission forms need to be filled out yearly, after May 1st for the next school year.

    Dietary Issues- If your child has any dietary issues, a doctor's form (Special Dietary Needs) for these needs to be filled out by the doctor.  After the form is complete, I will inform the Cafeteria.
    Guidelines for Sending Students Home and for Staying Home or Returning to School - Nurse or parent discretion
    • Temperature >or = to 100 degrees within the past 24 hours
    • Active vomiting within the past 24 hours
    • Diarrhea within the past 24 hours
    • Swollen or painful joints from injury
    • Severe earache
    • Suspected contagious disease
    • Flu or viral symptoms
    • conjunctivitis (pink eye) with drainage
    • pediculosis (head lice)
    • untreated and uncovered ringworm
    • Any undiagnosed skin rashes 
    • Any injury or illness requiring further immediate treatment (antibiotic treatment of less than 24 hrs & possibility student may spread germs to others)
    • Suspected chemical abuse
    • continual yellow or green drainage from nose that is unable to be contained or cared for by student
    Medical Alert List
    Please make sure that the school is aware of any allergies or medical concerns (ex.- asthma, diabetes, seizures, food allergies, etc.)

Phone: 540-658-6340


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Mrs. Samantha Humphreys