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Ms. Marisol Maltes


New medication orders must be completed for the 2019-2020 school year.  A new Diabetic Care Plan,  Asthma Care Plan,  and Epi and Benadryl Care Plan Orders must be completed for each new year as well.  These forms can be downloaded from the  SCPS website.
Below is a list of items provided by the school system to all clinics and used regularly for first aid.  Should you know of a legitimate reason why these items should not be used on your son/daughter, please contact me at 658-6340.


 -Bandaids-     -Isotonic Eyewash Solution-     -Calamine Lotion-     -First-Aid Cream-     -Vaseline-     -Gauze-     -Bactine-

-Antibiotic ointment-     -Soap and Water-     -Vinyl Gloves-     -Ora-Relief Anesthetic Throat Spray (Red)-     -Rubbing alcohol- 


    *  Benadryl is not stocked in the clinic.  Children who require this for any type of allergic reaction will need a doctor's order form completed as well as providing the medication to the clinic.