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    Mrs. Catherine Williams - Full time School Counselor - Grades 3-5

    Ms. Ashley Kohl - Full time School Counselor - Grades K-2

    Ms. Monica Bailey - Itinerent Counselor



    The overall goal of school counseling program of the Stafford County Public Schools is to help young people develop to their maximum potential and to enhance their lives, for their future is our future. The Counseling and Guidance program is preventative in its focus and is based upon the developmental stages of students in grade K-12. Because student needs vary at different age levels, the areas of emphasis will vary accordingly. 




    Classroom Lessons: Throughout the year, students will participate in classroom guidance lessons, which will occur every month, for approximately 30 minutes.  The guidance lessons are aligned with the Stafford County Counseling Program Standards and focus on 3 developmental domains: Academic, Personal/Social, and Career Exploration.

    Small Group CounselingSmall groups will be offered throughout the year based upon the needs of students.  Groups may focus on, but are not limited to, building skills in the following areas: emotional regulation, social competence, self-esteem, study skills, and friendship.  

    Individual CounselingReferrals for any counseling service can be made by a teacher or other school staff, parents, or the student.  Individual and small group counseling are short-term, voluntary, and confidential.  Parental permission is obtained prior to any group counseling experience and prior to any extended individual counseling.

    Consultation with Parents/Staff: The school counselor provides information and assistance in order to support parents and teachers with the academic, social, and career development of students.

    Coordination and Referral Services: The school counselor works closely with the social worker and community agencies to provide support service information and referral services for students and their families.


    Counselor Ethics

    School counselors abide by the professional ethical standards of the Virginia/American School Counselor Association. School Counselors' relationships with others comply with all laws, policies, and ethical standards pertaining to confidentiality. If maintained, information and records of personal/social counseling shall be kept confidential and separate from a student educational record and not disclosed to third parties without prior parental consent or as otherwise provided by law.