• Equity in Education Definition
    “A systemic belief and assurance that all students have access to diverse educational opportunities to ensure their success  through fair and impartial treatment by eliminating barriers, the provision of resources, and tiered levels of support"

    Our Equity Mission
    Strive to develop, and support efforts to eliminate the opportunity gaps in education, and to provide access, inclusion, and affirmation for all students, staff, and their families by offering the most support where the greatest disparities have persisted in our community. We believe in the inherent value of all people, affirm their unique identities, and commit to ensuring their success. We engage all stakeholders and community members as equal partners in the educational system. 

Office of Equity and Accountability

  • The Office of Equity and Accountability oversees the division assessment programs, ensures a fair and impartial division, and is responsible for the administration of Title I, II, III, and IV federal programs, which support instructional programs and targeted services to schools.  

    Who are we?

    Director, Office of Equity and Accountability

    The development of this position was a deliberate step in our Superintendent’s plan to prioritize the work of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout SCPS. The Office of Equity and Accountability, under the leadership and guidance of the Director of Equity, leads SCPS in cross-departmental efforts with division leaders to ensure that all students, staff, and stakeholders are valued and have access to diverse learning opportunities, resources, and supports, irrespective of their individual, unique identities.

    Roxana Bandes-McCarthy - Director
    Phone: 540-658-6000
    Email: mccarthyrb@staffordschools.net

    Assessment and Accountability

    SCPS Accountability is responsible for the oversight of and training on the Standards Of Learning (SOL) assessments and the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs’ language proficiency assessment. SCPS Accountability collaborates alongside other SCPS departments to analyze and report assessment data to ensure equitable opportunities for academic success as well as equitable access to assessment opportunities for all students.

    Marcus Zinger
    Supervisor of Accountability
    Phone:  (540) 658-6662
    Email: zingermb@staffordschools.net

    EL Welcome Center

    The Welcome Center is a safe, friendly, and professional environment for English Learners and their families who are new to SCPS. The Welcome Center provides families with the necessary resources to help them succeed in our schools and our community. Adrianne Aviles-Bouloy, the Welcome Center Coordinator, is bilingual in Spanish and English. The Welcome Center also administers the WIDA Screener, an English language proficiency assessment, to newly registered students who speak languages other than English in order to determine their eligibility for ESOL services. 

    Adrianne Aviles-Bouloy
    Welcome Center Coordinator
    Phone:  (540)368-2559 Ext. 851222
    Email: avilesbouloya@staffordschools.net

    Family Engagement

    SCPS Family Engagement creates and implements professional development, services, programs, and resources that engage families and schools as equal partners for student success. The Family Engagement Specialist directly supports educators and leadership as they work to develop authentic partnerships with families and stakeholders in their schools.

    Kristen McKinney-Nash
    Family Engagement Specialist
    Phone:  (540) 658-6619
    Email: kmckinney@staffordschools.net

    Restorative Justice

    SCPS Restorative Justice was established to implement a restorative foundation within SCPS, to address discipline, and to add restoration and transformation to the classroom, with staff, families, and within the system. This approach increases inclusivity, safety, and equity in our schools. The Restorative Justice Coordinator uses a train-the-trainer model and supports all SCPS staff in Restorative Justice initiatives. 

    Deb Andrus-Lokrantz
    Coordinator of Restorative Justice

    Email: andruslokrantzdl@staffordschools.net

    Federal Programs

    The OEA office works with the Virginia Department of Education to administer the federal program’s Title I, II, III, and IV, part A, that provide and support services and instruction for students and staff to ensure their success in our schools and communities. These include programs authorized by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 and its most recent reauthorization, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015.

    Brenda Mosiniak
    Specialist, Federal Programs

    Email: mosiniakbm@staffordschools.net 



    SCPS McKinney-Vento was established to ensure the rights of students experiencing homelessness to equitable access, opportunities, and support. The McKinney-Vento Liaison works with the schools to identify and enroll qualifying students and provide the necessary resources for their academic success.

    Cynthia Lucero-Chavez
    Liaison/Case Manager
    Phone:  (540) 368-2559 Ext. 851221
    Email: clucero@staffordschools.net


    The Equity, Diversity, and Opportunity Committee (EDOC) acts as an advisory arm to the SCPS Office of Equity by providing additional information, ideas, and support regarding matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our schools. EDOC, like the SCPS Office of Equity, exists to ensure equity prevails in SCPS, and that all students and staff are valued and affirmed. 

    The Director of Equity serves as co-chair to the Equity, Diversity, and Opportunity Committee (EDOC).

    Equity Work in SCPS

    Professional Development
    Leadership Bias Professional Development:
    Equity Roundtables:
    Bi-monthly meetings to assist in our efforts to educate ourselves and others on systemic and historical issues that impact members of the SCPS Community, and help create a safe space for people to have a  voice.

    LGBTQIA + Professional Development:
    Culturally Responsive Classroom 





Contact Information

  • Roxana McCarthy
    Office of Equity and Accountability
    Email: mccarthyrb@staffordschools.net
    Phone:  540-658-6000

    Marcus Zinger
    Supervisor of Accountability
    Email: zingermb@staffordschools.net
    Phone: (540) 658-6662

    Kristen McKinney Nash
    Family Engagement Specialist
    Email: kmckinney@staffordschools.net
    Phone: (540) 658-6619

    Adrianne Aviles-Bouloy
    ESOL Welcome Center/Translator and Interpreter Coordinator 
    Email:  avilesbouloy@staffordschools.net
    Phone:  (540) 368-2559 Ext. 851222


    Cynthia Lucero-Chavez
    Liaison/Case Manager - McKinney Vento
    Email:  clucero@staffordschools.net
    Phone:  (540-368-2559 Ext. 851221


    Brenda Mosiniak
    Federal Grants Specialist 
    Email: mosiniakbm@staffordschools.net


    Natalie Holland
    Federal Grants Family Engagement Liaison
    Email:  hollandnj@staffordschools.net
    Phone:  (540) 658-6607


    Devin White
    Administrative Assistant
    Email:  whitedl@staffordschools.net
    Phone:  (540) 658-6676


    Deb Andrus-Lokrantz
    Coordinator of Restorative Justice
    Email: andruslokrantzdl@staffordschools.net
    Phone:  (540) 658-6000


    Marisol Jimenez
    ESEA Translator and Interpreter Coordinator
    Email: jimenezms@staffordschools.net
    Phone: (540) 658-1493 Ext. 851222