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  • Equity in Education Definition
    “A systemic belief and assurance that all students have access to diverse educational opportunities to ensure their success  through fair and impartial treatment by eliminating barriers, the provision of resources, and tiered levels of support"

    Our Equity Mission
    Strive to develop, and support efforts to eliminate the opportunity gaps in education, and to provide access, inclusion, and affirmation for all students, staff, and their families by offering the most support where the greatest disparities have persisted in our community. We believe in the inherent value of all people, affirm their unique identities, and commit to ensuring their success. We engage all stakeholders and community members as equal partners in the educational system. 

Office of Equity and Accountability

  • The Office of Equity and Accountability oversees the division assessment programs, ensures a fair and impartial division, and is responsible for the administration of Title I, II, III, and IV federal programs, which support instructional programs and targeted services to schools.  


    Equity at Work in SCPS

    EDOC: The Equity, Diversity, and Opportunity Committee (EDOC) acts as an advisory arm to the SCPS Office of Equity by providing additional information, ideas, and support regarding matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our schools. EDOC, like the SCPS Office of Equity, exists to ensure equity prevails in SCPS, and that all students and staff are valued and affirmed.

    YOUTH EDOC: The Youth Equity, Diversity, and Opportunity Committee (Youth EDOC) provides the SCPS Office of Equity and Accountability with the student perspective on matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our schools. Student involvement in the creation and implementation of Stafford County Schools’ equity initiatives ensures such initiatives are informed by the student experience and created for the students’ benefit.

    EFAs: Each school in Stafford County has one or two Equity and Family Advocates (EFAs). EFAs are SCPS staff members who provide the educator's perspective to the Equity Office, collaborate with us and each other on creating solutions in matters of equity, and implement equity initiatives at their specific schools. Contact your school's principal to know who your EFA is.

    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: In collaboration with our schools and the Virginia Department of Education, we train SCPS staff in cultural competency, bias, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, and systemic and historical issues that may affect our SCPS community.

    FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: By collaborating with our schools, we work to provide frequent, meaningful and accessible opportunities for families to engage with their student's school community.



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