•                       PROGRAM OVERVIEW

    Stafford County Public Schools allows high school students to earn both high school AND college credits through the Dual Enrollment (DE) program.  DE is a unique, enrichment program in which high school junior and senior students are given the opportunity to take college courses in their own high school. The vast majority of courses offered at the college level are offered through Germanna Community College; however, additional college partnerships may be formed and offered annually for particular programs. Students earn college credits while completing their high school requirements.  Dually enrolled students receive two sorts of credit for their work; they receive grades on their high school transcript and grades are recorded on their college transcript.   


    DE courses are taught by high school instructors who have the qualifications to teach at the college level. High school faculty are “approved” or certified by the community college to offer college level courses after the college has approved the syllabus. Prospective students may be required to complete an application for admission, provide qualifying SAT scores, or take a placement test. Qualifying students will register through the high school in the spring. Certain DE courses require that the student pass the first semester (one college level course) in order to enroll in the second semester (subsequent  college level course).

    SPECIAL NOTE: Tuition is the responsibility of the parents. In determining whether to drop a DE course, the student must follow drop/add procedures and timelines as established by the college, not those of the school division.

    Transferability of these courses to colleges in and outside of Virginia:

    In states where DE exists, the state government creates master articulation agreements to ensure that credits earned while in high school are guaranteed transfer to higher education systems in that state.  Thus, if a dual enrollment course is taken in Virginia, credits are automatically accepted for credit by state-funded universities in Virginia–as long as the grade earned is a C- or above, and as long as the courses are considered academic, “general education” courses (as opposed to remedial or developmental courses), or technical or industrial skills courses.
    • Credit earned for many DE courses may be applied towards a degree or certificate once the student in enrolled in college.
    • Transfer applicable college credit to all Virginia community colleges and most 4-year colleges and universities. Four year colleges and universities make ultimate determination regarding transfer of DE credits; students should consult the institution they plan to attend to ensure transferability.
Last Modified on June 16, 2022