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    Scholarships have been moved! :)

    Please log in to your Naviance account at connection.naviance.com/staffordsh (log in instructions are on the screen), and click the Colleges option in the top right.  From there, you'll see an option that says "Scholarships and Money."  Click that!  
    Any and all scholarships that are sent to Stafford County will be made active and viewable through "Scholarship List."  Otherwise, I highly recommend working in the National Scholarship Search that allows you to put in personal data points to help generate a list of national scholarships in which you're eligible to apply.

    As you begin receiving notice that you will be awarded money for scholarships, please provide proof of this money to Mrs. Bryant in the Counseling Center so we can recognize you on Scholarship Night!

    Best wishes!  Apply apply apply!!

    Mrs. Tobin

    **Stafford High School does not endorse any of the companies or organizations listed on this page.  This information is provided only as a service to our students and their families.**


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         Interested in receiving friendly reminders to check the scholarships list?  Text 81010 the message @be3fbb to subscribe to the Remind account for Scholarship Updates.

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How will I know about Scholarships??

  •      Finding scholarships to apply for is exactly like looking for a job. You will do your own research and find what you're eligible to apply.  Scholarships do not come to you. Applying for scholarships, just like applying for a job, come with specific instructions and deadlines for each individual scholarship. You will submit your application to whomever by whenever the instructions specify.

         Please take time to look through Naviance and all its resources and apply from those links.

         Mrs. Tobin will be sending mass emails to the Senior class from time to time pertaining to scholarships, but the acquisition of FREE MONEY is largely on YOU :).

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate contacting your counselor.

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Last Modified on September 20, 2018