• School Nurse, Cathy Ray


    Assistant, Crystal Rompalski



    What Services Does the School Nurse Provide?

    • Health Services: Assesses health and development, provides nursing interventions and evaluates student’s responses to care.
    • Health Education: Provides health education to students, staff and parents.
    • Healthy Environment: Identifies health and safety concerns in the school  environment.
    • Nutritional Services: Supports healthy food services programs.
    • Physical Education/Activity: Promotes health and physical education which promotes healthy behaviors.

    "You cannot educate a child who is not healthy, and you cannot keep a child healthy who is not educated" --Dr Jocelyn Elders

    Supplies used in the clinic:



    First Aid Cream   

    Antibiotic Ointment   

    Caladryl   a

    Throat Spray   

    Isotonic Eye Wash

    Vinyl gloves   


    Hand Lotion   

    Should you know of a reason why these items should not be used on your son/daughter, please contact the clinic. 

    Cough drops will not be provided by the clinic—students are permitted to bring their own and they should only bring enough for their personal use & not give any to other students.  

    Medication Administration Policy

    1. If your student requires any treatment or medication during school hours, it is required that a Doctor's order and your signature granting permission to dispense the medication or treatment be on file in the clinic.

    2. A new request for treatment or medication (doctor's order) must be submitted each school year. This includes any over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofen, any prescription medication, and ASTHMA INHALERS and EPI-PENS.

    3. All medications must be in the original container whether it is an over-the-counter product or prescription medication. The pharmacy will provide a 2nd labeled prescription bottle for the school if you ask for it when filling your prescription. 

    4. ALL MEDICATION should be delivered to the clinic by the parent or guardian. Please contact the school nurse if there are problems with this.

    5. MEDICATION will not be sent home from school with a student(exception is inhalers if student has permission to carry in school. 


    Medical Forms and Documents

    Medication Form

    Asthma Action Plan

    Allergy/Anaphylaxis Plan