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  • Welcome to Mountain View High School’s Gifted and Secondary Programs resource page.  Gifted, talented, and highly motivated students are identified as having needs beyond what the regular classroom may provide. GSP - previously known as Focus in middle and elementary school - addresses the needs of not only identified gifted students, but also all students who are interested in pursuing accelerated learning opportunities. Focus at the high school is truly a resource program--students are not pulled out of their regular classes for enrichment or acceleration on a regular basis. Gifted and highly motivated students are encouraged to take challenging courses that offer higher-level thinking skills, address their individual needs, interests, and strengths, and prepare them for university studies.  

    Mountain View offers students a variety of opportunities to follow their diverse interests. MVHS offers Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Dual Enrollment courses.  Independent Study and Virtual Virginia are additional programs of which students may take advantage during their studies here at MVHS.

    Students identified as gifted are added to the Gifted High School Canvas page at the beginning of each school year. Information regarding programs and offerings will be updated in Canvas and via email throughout the year. Opportunities such as Summer Residential Governor's School will be announced on Canvas and email as well. 

    As the gifted resource teacher, I am available to meet with students should they have questions about enrichment programs, scheduling, extracurricular opportunities, or any other concerns.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the many opportunities available to high school students at MVHS.  I look forward to working with your families this year!


    Kali M. Hamill

    Gifted and Secondary Programs Coordinator

    Virtual Virginia

    540-658-6840 Ext. 1163

    Room 507


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Last Modified on May 28, 2021