Parents should enroll their child as soon as they arrive in Stafford County.

    To make a registration appointment, please contact the school registrar, Mrs. Julie Dixon

    by phone (540) 658-6840 or by email dixonjb@staffordschools.net

    Stafford schools welcome all students, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin or disabling condition, who live within the boundaries of the Stafford County Public School district and meet state age and health requirements. Students who have not reached age twenty on or before August 1 of the current school year are eligible for admission.

    SCPS Documents Required for Enrollment
    • Parent or legal guardian MUST register the student. Guardians and foster parents MUST provide proper court custody papers to register a student.
    • Proof of Residency: Residency is defined as the domicile of an individual, meaning that the individual lives in a locality with the intent to make it a fixed or permanent home. Domicile requires more than a bodily presence as an inhabitant in a given place, it requires bodily presence and eating and sleeping as a permanent home. Under no circumstances can a family or a student have two residences for school enrollment purposes. School staff must verify information provided to ensure the residence is located in Stafford County and that the student is enrolled in the school serving the residence area.
    One of the following:
    1. Deed for primary residential property or contract, or current property tax bill for primary residential property in Stafford County ,OR
    2. Current rental or lease agreement for a period of at least one year, OR
    3. Contract or lease free of contingencies to occupy a Stafford County residence within two months of the date of enrollment, OR
    4. Residence manager’s letter on company letterhead stating residence is corporate residence located in Stafford County, OR
    5. Weekly receipts for temporary residence in a hotel or motel for up to 60 days (will require renewal or evidence of more permanent residency within 60 days of enrollment), OR
    6. If family is living in residence of a friend or relative, the homeowner or leaseholder must provide a Notarized Affidavit of residency attesting to bona fide residency in Stafford County in addition to the lease or deed of homeowner or leaseholder.
    And MUST provide TWO official documents showing name of parent or guardian in a Stafford County residence where the family is living. Acceptable documents include:
    1. Utility bills for most recent two months that may include water, gas, electricity, landline telephone, or utility hook-up paperwork
    2. Vehicle related documents such as driver’s license, registration, insurance policy or paid insurance bills with match residence address
    3. Employment verification that may include current payroll stubs, current employer verification on company letterhead, or similar documents deemed acceptable by the principal
    4. Tax document that may include current forms of personal property tax bill, IRS-1099, IRS-1040, IRS-W2 or IRS-W4
    5. Other official correspondence from a governmental agency
    6. Medical bills dated within the past three months
    7. Consecutive bank statements from the last two months
    • Official birth certificate: A birth certificate is required (Code of Virginia 22.1-3.1). Hospital birth cards, passports, etc can NOT be accepted in lieu of a certified birth certificate. If not available, an Affidavit (form available at the school or via SCPS website) must be completed, signed and notarized. Per Virginia Code 22.1-3.1, the Stafford Sheriff’s Office will be notified when a birth certificate is not provided within 30 days of enrollment.

    • Proof of legal custody when applicable
    • A transcript from a previous school or final report card
    • A copy of the current IEP/504 Plan and reports if the student has been receiving special education services
    • School Entrance Health Information (health history)
    • Completed TB Risk Assessment Form or documentation of negative skin test or chest x-ray
    • Student Registration Form – completed both front and back to include parent/guardian signature 4/15


    Immunization Requirements

    Your child must be immunized against Diphtheria, Pertussis (whooping cough), Tetanus (DPT), Poliomyelitis (IPV/OPV), Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Hepatitis B, and Chicken Pox (Varicella). Preschool students must also have Pneumococcal vaccine series.  The following are required of all students:
    • Four doses of DTaP, with one dose after the fourth birthday; for all new students as of fall 2010
    • Four doses of IPV/OPV, with one dose after the fourth birthday; for all new students as of fall 2010
    • Two doses of Measles and Mumps vaccine, and one dose of Rubella vaccine (usually given as MMR) , first dose given at 12 months and second dose at 4 years old/before entering school
    • Three doses of Hepatitis B following the recommended schedule
    • Two doses of Varicella vaccine for students entering kindergarten as of fall 2010; at least one dose Varicella vaccine for all students, two does required for grades K-6
    • A Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis) booster is required of students grades 6-12
    • An HPV(Human Pappillomavirus) vaccine is recommended for girls entering 6th grade as of fall 2009.  FDA approval has been made for boys to also receive HPV.
    • A Pneumococcal vaccine (PCV) booster is required of all students age 24 to 60 months as of 2014
    Immunization records must show the month, day, and year of vaccines received as well as signature of health care provider.
    Students who do not have the necessary immunizations and/or a physical examination will not be allowed to attend school. However, students may be conditionally enrolled if their health records indicate that they have had  a current dose of the vaccines and parents present a written schedule from a physician for completing the immunizations within ninety days of enrollment.

    The Stafford County Health Department provides immunizations on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m., on an appointment only basis. Call 659-3101 for further information or appointments.