• Click here to download a PDF of the 2017-2018 School Improvement Plan

    Click here to download a PDF of the 2018-2019 School Improvement Plan

    *Note: School Improvement Plans (SIP's) are very fluid documents, we adjust, update, and modify the plans throughout the school year based on the needs of our students and our ongoing performance data.  Our aim is to upate the SIP plan quarterly.  If you have questions or want an update on any aspect of the SIP Plan please call 540.658.6420 or email archambaultmj@staffordschools.net



    2018-2019  SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLAN  (STILL IN DRAFT PHASE/ will be finalized at next SIP meeting in August 2018)

    Stafford County Public Schools Strategic Plan

    Core Values:

    Learners    Community        Excellence        Respect        Integrity

    SCPS Vision:

    Stafford County Public Schools is a dynamic, goal-oriented learning community committed to preparing our students for success in further education, work, and citizenship.

    SCPS Mission:

    Inspire and empower all learners to thrive.

    SCPS Strategic Plan

    Goal 1: Student Achievement:

    Engage, challenge, and prepare every student for success

    Goal 2: Work Force

    Recruit, develop, and retain the highest quality employees

    Goal 3: Resource Stewardship

    Establish and maintain efficient, transparent, responsible oversight of resources

    Goal 4: Communication:

    Communicate effectively at all levels

    School Improvement Plan

    Your School’s Core Values/Beliefs:

    We believe that…

    • All children can learn and become a lifelong learner
    • All children learn differently and benefit from differentiated instruction
    • All children deserve respect
    • All children’s success depends on a partnership between the home, student, and school
    • All children’s’  success is the responsibility of our collaborative learning community
    • Diversity of all children is embraced
    • All children deserve a safe learning environment


    Your School’s Vision:  

    Rodney E. Thompson Middle School prepares students to be intellectually engaged in the 21st Century through critical thinking, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity, and wellness.

    Your School’s Mission:  

    The mission of Rodney E. Thompson Middle School is to create a student-centered community that challenges and develops inquiring, knowledgeable, actively involved learners who have the tools to successfully participate in a global society.

    SCPS C5W Learner Profile

    Communication           Collaboration       Critical-Thinking     Creativity    Citizenship        Wellness

    School Data Analysis:



    Intervention programs (English) - LLI (had over one year worth of growth for students in program)

    Intervention programs (English) - starting program late in year

    Communication with parents (websites, phone calls, etc) - (how do we quantify, number of times robo calls go out, synergy blasts, etc)

    Decrease in advanced pass rates

    Teachers are involved in student’s lives, have made connections (quantify by teachers participating in activities)

    “I have a mentor that encourages my development” was a low point on the student Gallup Poll

    Gallup Poll engagement decreased, but are higher than county wide data

    Recognizing students for other things than academics (attendance, kindness, being a good citizen, etc)

    Most staff members participated in more than one learning walk

    STRIVE lessons did not seem to sink in with all students

    Recognizing the academic achievements of students

    Include student advisory committee in the planning of STRIVE lessons/topics

    STRIVE lessons produced good student conversations



    School Improvement Plan


    SCPS Strategic Plan Goal 1: Student Achievement:

    Engage, challenge, and prepare every student for success

    SCPS Strategic Plan Priority 1.1  Define, develop, implement, and measure effective teaching practices that maximize rigor and engagement for all students in support of C5W

    SCPS Strategic Plan Measure 1.1  Students will experience success through engaging and challenging curriculum, and innovative instructional strategies inclusive of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, citizenship, and wellness.


    Goal 1 (1.1):  Increase cognitive demand and engagement for all students.

    Reflection on Data to Justify Goal: Analysis of SOL results reveal that that students struggle with higher level questions. Overall advance pass rates are low.

    Key Strategies




    (Prof. Learning, materials)

    Evidence (Monitoring Metrics)


    PLC’s will develop learning tasks with emphasis on increased rigor and engaging qualities at least once per quarter

    Teachers , PLC Facilitators, Administrators

    Task Engagement Rubric,

    Cube (Schlechty, Marzano, Bloom), Engaging qualities Handouts, PLC Protocol Sheet

    Administrators PLC minutes / Protocol form; Admin will collect empirical evidence during classroom walkthroughs;  Teacher lesson plans submitted for Formal observations.


    PLC’s will design and plan a showcase lesson and walkon once per semester

    Teachers , PLC Facilitators, Administrators

    Task Engagement Rubric,

    Cube (Schlechty, Marzano, Bloom), Engaging qualities Handouts, PLC Protocol Sheet. lesson plans


    All licensed staff members will conduct at least one learning walk per quarter

    All Staff

    C5W Learning Walk Form, Learning Walk schedule, Laminated Task Rubric Form, Learning Walk Student Questions Poster (posted in each classroom)

    Recording on iPads, Post walk discussions, PLC Checklist, C5W Learning Walk Record Spreadsheet


    PLC’s will review essential outcome using Antonetti’s CTNA (longevity of Content, longevity of Thinking  process, prep for Next level, Assessment) model if applicable

    Summit Teachers, PLC Facilitators

    Mining for Power handout, Curriculum frameworks, State documents

    Revised pacing guides


    Summer / Fall of 2018

    Quarterly Progress toward Goal

    (including assessments/data indicators)

    End of Year Summary of Goal

    (including assessments/data indicators)

    SCPS Strategic Plan Priority 1.3   Close gaps in student achievement.

    SCPS Strategic Plan Measure 1.3   Achievement gaps will be closed for all reporting categories utilizing data-driven instructional strategies and practices.

    Goal 2 (1.3):  Close the SOL test pass rate achievement gap between students with disabilities and their non disabled peers.

    Reflection on Data to Justify Goal: Students with disabilities as a group perform lower than our all student average pass rates on SOL

    Key Strategies




    (Prof. Learning, materials)

    Evidence (Monitoring Metrics)


    Staff members will examine IEP’s and assessment data to group students based on reading levels and math skills

    Reading and math specialists, Special education teachers, General education teachers

    -STAR Scores

    -F&P Data


    -MAP test

    -A list of students by reading group created to determine scheduling of students.

    -A list of grouped students w/ reading summary will be provided to impacted staff members.

    -ACT lists generated based on skill level and targeting needed gaps

    -Small group monitoring in classrooms

    -STAR Score


    Reading and English teachers will implement small group (LLI) instruction

    Reading specialist, Administration

    Training materials including a guided reading instruction form / quick reference form for teachers.

    -Record of teacher attendance at training

    -Evidence of guided reading in classroom walkthroughs and observations

    -Running records for specific students


    Special Ed staff will attend content area PLC meetings and plan regularly with collaborative teacher(s)

    Gen Ed and Special Ed

    Planning time


    Common Assessments

    -Weekly PLC meetings

    -Students pulled out for small group

    -Lesson Plans


    Collaborative Teaching Development

    Special education teachers, Gen. ed. Teachers and Paraprofessional Teachers

    Training materials including collaborative teaching best practices handout and related research, Needs survey for paraprofessional and general education staff

    -Professional development as needed throughout the year to help paraprofessionals support students within the classroom

    As-needed basis

    Quarterly Progress toward Goal

    (including assessments/data indicators)

    End of Year Summary of Goal

    (including assessments/data indicators)


    Goal 3 (Optional): Increase scores on the Student Gallup Poll and Student Climate Surveys that are below SCPS, VA, and U.S. Averages by giving students more of a voice in school wide decisions and initiatives created to raise school spirit, broaden staff and student recognition, and implementing instruction in character education, anti-bullying, and digital citizenship.


    Reflection on Data to Justify Goal:

    Key Strategies




    (Prof. Learning, materials)

    Evidence (Monitoring Metrics)


    Increase student input on school climate, policy, procedures, and student concerns.

    Principal's Advisory Committee, Admin, Counseling

    Student Survey, Principal Advisory group, meeting schedule, Gallup and Student Climate Survey Data from past 2-3 years;

    Principal’s Advisory Committee  members are identified and oriented to the group, surveyed, and given monthly meeting schedule.

    More student activities are in place to include all students. e.g., decorating the classroom doors with Disney and cartoon character, pep rallies, Harvest dance, staff tailgate, chili cook off, the book fair, escape rooms, Jag Jam… and more


    Increase opportunities and awareness for student and staff recognition and  participation and involvement in school events.

    NJHS, SCA, Leadership Group, Principals Advisory, Administration, Counseling, Teachers

    Google Doc outlining both recognition activities and spirit events offered at RTMS.

    Student Leadership groups along with their sponsors attended the Renaissance conference. All student groups create a shared calendar of events and collaborate on a shared event.

    Positive phone calls and postcards.

    Planning and implementing at least 1 student and 1 staff spirit event per month of school including pep rally, student vs. staff competitions, staff tailgates, school spirit days / weeks.

    Promote school-wide events to students, teachers, and community using our video productions announcements, scrolling LED board, school website,  and social media accounts.

    Implementation of multiple types of recognition initiatives focused on academic performance (All A and AB Honor Roll, Gold and Silver Student awards), Citizenship (Pride, Roars, Vikki Johnson award, Rodney Thompson Award), Attendance (perfect attendance quarterly and end of year awards), and Student Achievement (individual grade level / classroom student of the month awards, Fine & performing arts recognitions, Debate, Spelling bee, science fair winner recognitions)

    Implementation of the A Day for Student Recognition. Students who earn one A or more on their quarterly grading period with get a piece of candy and enter his/her name for an additional token of appreciation at the end of the day. Students’ names will be entered as many time as they have the A grade on their report cards.

    ROARS an ongoing student recognition program that encourages students to be and do their best. (Need to revamp)

    PAWS - Positively Achieving Well Behaving Students. This recognition is RTMS Student of the Month reward. Teachers vote on 2 students per grade level; one male and one female. Each student receives a certificate and gets the photo displayed for the month. Every quarter they are invited to a breakfast with the principal.


    Incorporation of service learning, digital citizenship lessons, and STRIVE into our character ed and anti-bullying program

    SIP Climate  committee, STRIVE committee, Teachers advisory,

    ITRT, Teachers

    Schedule of digital citizenship and STRIVE lessons offered during ACT Time, The Harbor from Renaissance

    Calendar of events, lessons and related materials. Topics to include teaching kindness and empathy, anti-bullying, character traits of the month, cyberbullying, digital footprint, and password security.


    Increase student engagement and build relationships among staff and peers.

    SIP Climate Committee, STRIVE, ITRT


    Midyear Progress Summary toward Goal

    (including assessments/data indicators)


    End of Year Summary of Goal

    (including assessments/data indicators)