• Who is Shirley C. Heim?

    Shirley was born in rural Lancaster County as one of nine children. After serving as valedictorian of her 1954 high school class she attended Mary Washington college, then later received her Master's degree from the University of Virginia. She became the director of the Stafford Head Start Program in 1967 and received an award for her excellent program after just ten months. Shirley also began the first kindergarten classes in Stafford for students who did not qualify for Head Start.

    After working with Head Start for several years Shirley became the Coordinator of all Federal and State Programs for the schools. In this role she was instrumental in bringing federal dollars to the county for programs including strings classes, library books, vocational training, school nurses, and the largest Adult Education Program in our area.

    In 1985 she was promoted to the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Technology where she continued to make changes that affected the students and teachers in the county.  She retired from Stafford County Public Schools in 2003.

    And yet Shirley's jobs within the school district only show a portion of her impact on our community. Throughout her career, and into retirement, she was involved in numerous community projects working actively with the Lloyd Moss Free Clinic, the Riverside Foundation for the Performing Arts and the Stafford Historical Society, among many others. She continued to help all members of our community through outreach to nursing home residents, helping with the Duck Race each year and working to give each third grade student in Stafford a dictionary. These are just a few examples of her tireless work.

    We are honored to have our school named after such a wonderful example of dedication to students and our community!