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    Ms. Donovan

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    10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine: 

    A Stay-At-Home One Act

    By Don Zolidis


    Welcome students and families to the Shirley Heim Drama Club! I am Ms. Donovan, the drama teacher. I know that it has been an insane year and we are all trying to get back to the “before quarantine normal”, which is why the Drama Club is still happening! This year we will be putting together a recorded virtual performance that will be live-streamed to family and friends for 3 nights! This production is not a musical as most of Heim’s performances have been in the past; instead, it is a one-act performance that will be about 30-45 minutes long. 


    The play is written with a series of monologues by the characters about how they are faring in the quarantined life. This way no student needs to be in close proximity to another. Each monologue will be recorded separately. How this production will work is students will be assigned rehearsal days based on the new hybrid A/B schedule. If they come into the building and they are an A student they will stay after school that day and rehearse with me. Same for B students. They will have 2 rehearsals a week with me; one virtual and one in-person. If the student is an all-virtual student, I prefer that he/she be dropped off after school and picked up after rehearsal, which will be about 30 minutes to an hour-long. If in the event you are uncomfortable with your student coming into the building at all, that is OK! The final recording of each monologue will be shot in the comfort of their homes (or wherever they usually sit for their classes.) If they cannot come in, they will simply do all of their rehearsals virtually. 

    I want to ensure that this is a fun and rewarding experience for all who are involved! If there are any students that are good at editing videos and want to participate but do not want to actually perform in the play please let me know. I will need all the help I can get! 

    At the bottom, there is a link to the audition form and a parent/guardian permission form. Please help your students complete the audition form and do not forget to also complete the permission form (There are 2 separate forms). I must have both completed for the student to participate in the auditions. Auditions will be held the week of 2/22/21- 2/26/21 after school. When I receive their audition form and parent permission, I will email the student and parent with the time and date of their audition. 

      For the auditions, students can choose to read from one of the scenes in the show or a monologue of their choice (must be school appropriate). When I send the students a time and date for their audition, I will also send a google meet code. At the time of their audition, they will log in and present their monologues. *The monologues or scenes do not need to be memorized but they should be familiar enough with the piece to not have the paper or screen distracting from their performance. I will also be including where to find the script if the student chooses to use a scene for the audition. 


    For the script and audition scenes-

    You can type in this URL https://www.playscripts.com/play/3909#searchterm=10%20way

    And click read for free


    Go to playscripts.com and type the title of the play, then click read for free. 


    For the audition form- 



    For the Parent/Guardian Permission form- 



    If you have any questions, please email me at donovanjt@staffordschools.net