Overview of Health & Dental Plans

  • Open Enrollment for Benefits
    August 8, 2016 through September 9, 2016
    Effective Date of October 1, 2016

    Open Enrollment

    This year's open enrollment will run August 8, 2016 through September 9, 2016. You will have a variety of options available to make changes including the Online Open Enrollment Portal, Mark III enrollers at your location, Mark III enrollers at central locations with extended hours, and the staff in the Benefits Office.


    Health and Dental Insurance

    HIPPA Notice

    Voluntary Insurance Policies - Voluntary Benefits includes the following plans: Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) - Unreimbursed Medical and Dependent Care; CAIC/Aflac Group Accident; Allstate Cancer; CAIC/Aflac Group Hospital Indemnity; CAIC/Aflac Group Critical Illness; AUL Short-term Disability; and, Texas Whole Life.

    Unreimbursed Medial / Dependent Care ~ (Annual Re-enrollment Required per IRS) - Enrollment into the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA): Unreimbursed Medical and Dependent Care must be done annually. All annual elections for the accounts must be divisible by 12 for monthly deductions. Ex. $1,000.00 divided by 12 = $83.34. If you take the $83.34 multiply by 12 = $1,000.08 actual amount of FSA annual election. Flexible Spending Accounts are “Use it or lose it”; calculate your annual expenses conservatively. Expenses are regulated by the IRS publication 502 http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p502.pdf and are subject to audit. You may be requested to document expense eligibility. Prior to electing to participate in the Flexible Benefits plan(s), it is important that you understand the Rules and Regulations found in the Flexible Benefits Plan booklet for plan year from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017

    Unreimbursed Medical: Annual Limit is $2,500.00.
    Dependent Care: Annual Limit must not exceed the lesser of $5,000 for one or more children ($2,500 if you’re a married individual filing a separate tax return).

    Enrollment Options:

    Mark III secure online portal - www.mywecarebenefits.net/markiii
    Case ID - M249
    Online ID - Your employee ID Number
    Password - enroll17

    Mark III enroller - For dates and locations,

    SCPS Benefits Office - (540) 658-6000 - Appointments Recommended


    Plan Summaries

    Anthem Premium PPO Benefits Summary

    Anthem Core PPO Benefits Summary

    Anthem High Deductible Health Plan with H.S.A. Benefits Summary

    FAQ's About Your Anthem High Deductible Health Plan with HSA

    Health Savings Account

    Anthem Premium PPO and Anthem Core PPO Prescription Drug Plan Summary

    Anthem Blue View Vision Summary Details

    Anthem Dental PPO Core Plan Summary (No Orthodontic Benefits)

    Anthem Dental PPO Premium Plan Summary (Includes Orthodontic Benefits)

    Watch the video for additional information about High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) with Health Savings Account (HSA) Watch the video - "Due to the size of the file, this may take a few minutes to load. Please be patient."

    The plan design changes and new rates will not be effective until October 1, 2016. This will allow current employees and eligible retirees the opportunity to select their choice of new plans during the Annual Open Enrollment period.

    Automatic Transition To New Plans

    For employees and eligible retirees who currently have health and/or dental insurance coverage through SCPS, the following automatic transitions will take place. If you accept your automatic transition, you will not need to make additional insurance changes during Open Enrollment.

    Current Plan Automatic New Health Plan Automatic New Dental Plan
    Key Care 100
    (currently no dental included) Premium PPO
    Key Care 15
    (currently includes dental) Premium PPO Core Dental *
    Key Care 30
    (currently includes dental) Core PPO Core Dental *
    Stand-alone Dental
    (Anthem or Dominion**) Core Dental *

    *The Core Dental Plan does not include orthodontic coverage. If you want orthodontic coverage for you or your dependents, you will want to enroll in the Premium Dental Plan. *

    ** Dominion Dental plans will no longer be offered effective October 1, 2016. Current Dominion Dental plan participants will be moved into Anthem Dental plans**

    During this automatic transition, you will be enrolled into coverage with the same tier and the same covered dependents who were on your current plan. Example: If you have Key Care 15 Employee and Children Coverage on the current plan, you would transition to the Premium PPO Employee and Children Plan and the Core Dental Employee and Children Plan.

    Do you have questions about the new health plans?

    Contact the SCPS Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Help Line. Call Center associates will be available to respond to questions about our new medical benefits.
    9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday throughout our Open Enrollment period.

    Anthem Core PPO and Anthem Premium PPO - (86) 263-0361
    High Deductible Health Plan with H.S.A. - (877) 419-1657