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    Welcome to Spartan Art!!

    Creating Art has never been more of a challenge than in this virtual school environment.

    The introduction of the new elective, Beginning Digital Art, came at the most opportune time.

    Our students are taking advantage of it!

    Please enjoy a sampling of projects created from Semester 1 of our 2020-2021 school year.

  • We began the semester with an introduction to Typography. Students used Google Slides to create a custom font for their name. The focus was on using preexisting shapes as building blocks for the letters. Students were required to use 3 or more shapes to form each letter, use 3 or more colors, and to include a shadow or reflection.

  • Students continued working in Google Slides with a project on Personification. Students added human traits to non-human objects. The focus was on learning how to create custom shapes, group and copy objects, with ordering and layering of shapes. We had a blast with this one!

  • The culminating project for Google Slides allowed students to perfect all of the skills we had learned so far. They used the reference photo of an animal to create layers of custom shapes to form a stylized version of that animal. They spent 2 weeks painstakingly crafting their animals with custom colors, transparencies, and layering of objects. The results were masterpieces!

  • One huge aspect of graphic design is the editing of photos. After Google Slides, we moved to an online photo editor called, Pixlr. We began by discussing the ethics of "photoshopping" an image and the importance of copyright laws. Our first project was to create a basic poster. Students had to remove the background from a photo, create a new background with borders, and add text.

  • We continued to develop our Pixlr skills by creating "Echo Portraits". Students were to create artwork with meaning. The concept was to develop skills with layering and transparency by working with the image of a person, a pattern, and a background. The addition of text was optional. The pattern was to relate to the person in some way, i.e. a memory, a place, an occupation.

  • For our final project using Pixlr, we created monochromatic landscapes. Students learned about how the atmosphere changes our perception of color. How do we change color to show depth in our artwork? Did you know that the further away an object is the less color it has? Our focus was on learning how to use layers with one color but different values of that one color.

  • We can create fine art digitally too! Our new tool for this project was Sketchpad 5.1. For this project students were tasked with creating their own version of "The Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh. The focus was on using a digital paintbrush and playing with all the types of brush strokes it can create.

  • The final project of the semester was for students to combine all of the tools we learned to create a parody of a famous artwork. First, students had to research an artist and choose the piece of work that inspired them. They had to write a brief biography of the artist and his/her work. Then, they had to alter the original in some way to either make a statement or be humorous. Enjoy!

  • We have so enjoyed this new adventure into Digital Art with your students! We hope to have many more and we also look forward to being back in the art studio to create some hands-on art :)


    Mrs. Armentrout and Mrs. Marthell