• Behind the Wheel Program
    Prerequisites for taking Behind the Wheel
    1. Must have taken and passed classroom Drivers Education Course
    2. Must have valid Virginia learners permit
    3. Complete/Attend 90 Minute Parent Teen Meeting - Partnership for Safe Teen Driving (see schedule below)
    4. At least 20 hours of driving (preferred)
    10th Graders and Behind The Wheel
    In order for the student to be enrolled in the Behind the Wheel class, the student must also be taking a 10th grade PE class, an elective PE (strength and body/competitive team sports) for 11th and 12th grades. Applications can be picked up and turned back in at room 115 to Ms. Gaughan. Cost of the class is $225 (cash or check) or click here to pay online.  The length of the course will last 7 school days.
    ***Application forms can be picked up in room 115***
    90 Minute Partners for Safe Teen Drivers Meeting (Parent/Teen Meeting)
    If a student plans to take the Behind the Wheel through Stafford County Public Schools or through a private driving company, the parent and student must attend this Partners for Safe Teen Drivers meeting.   In order to be eligible for Behind the Wheel, students must have a valid Virginia's learners permit, passed classroom driver education, and attend the Parent-Teen Driver Meeting. A student will not be allowed to register for Behind the Wheel training without meeting all requirements.  Stafford County Schools is committed to working with parents to keep our students safe and reduce teen crashes.  
    To access the Partners for Safe Teen Drivers meeting, click on the link below.  The student will need to select "login" at the top right of the page in order to have access to all course content and quizzes.  At the end of the course, students will be prompted to fill out a google form for attendance.  Students will also be emailed a certificate of completion.  If you have any questions, please contact your building's driver education coordinator or behind the wheel instructors.
    BPHS 90 Minute Parent Teen Meeting Online Link: 90 Minute Parent Teen Meeting
    *Be sure to use school email for online meeting, it will populate as a canvas course*
    Pick-up For Drivers Education GREEN CARD Certificate!
    Please email Matt Tucker at tuckermb@staffordschools.net for coordination of pick-up of the students green card in the main office
    If you have any further questions please contact: 
    Matt Tucker (PE Dept Head/Driver's Education Coordinator) at tuckermb@staffordschools.net
    Kimberly Gaughan (Behind the Wheel Instructor) at gaughankl@staffordschools.net