• Welcome to the counseling site at WCES.   Please feel free to reach out to us for questions or concerns! 

     Susan Smith for grades 4 & 5 (540-658-6400 x 7032)

    Karen Butler  for grades 2 & 3 (540-658-6400 x 1102)

    Natalie Gardiner for grades K & 1 (540-658-6400 x 1105)

    Classroom Guidance

    Classroom guidance is an important part of our counseling program.   Your child will have classroom guidance about once every three weeks.   We follow the Stafford County Elementary School Guidance and Counseling Curriculum which is aligned with the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) guidelines.  Lessons are geared to one of the three domains for classroom guidance:  Academic Development, Career Development and Personal/Social Development. We have also aligned the curriculum with SCPS 5CW focus for each lesson.  Please look for and ask about what your child has learned in their guidance lessons. 

    Group Counseling

    Group counseling is offered on a number of topics to students in first through fifth grades.  Letters about the group(s) we offer are sent home for parent permission.  Parent permission is always required to be in a counseling group. All groups range from about 4-6 students.   Groups throughout the year meet for 6-8 sessions.  Topics usually include but are not limited to:

    • Deployment Group
    • Anxiety Groups
    • Friendship Groups
    • Self Esteem Groups
    • Social Skills Groups

    If a group is not being offered when a child is in need of a particular topic, individual counseling is an option.

    Individual Counseling

    Students may be seen by the counselor on an individual basis.  They may self-refer by putting a referral slip into our mailbox.  Teachers and/or administration may refer a student to see the counselor, and of course, parent can request that their child see a counselor.  If the child is to work on a certain topic for a longer period of time, (more than 3 sessions), parents will be given a list of resources. School counselors are NOT licensed therapists. 

    Butler, Gardiner, Smith