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    As Tony the Tiger would say, this year is going to be Grreat! In Social studies we take a journey through the ancient lands of China, Rome, Greece, Egypt and Mali. The class will learn how aqueducts were made and how the Chinese calendar differs from our calendar. In Math we will find the many different ways to come up with $5.00 and figure out what 1-12 means on an analog clock. Let’s not forget science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Math and Science work hand in hand so often without us even noticing and the class will be exploring how often this can happen. We have a busy but very fun year!!!!





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    3rd Grade Supply List

    *Please do not label these items with your child’s name as they will be shared with the whole class.

    2 24 pack of Crayons

    1 Pair of scissors

    10 Black, low odor, dry erase markers

    1 Pack of Yellow highlighters

    1 Package of notebook paper - wide ruled

    4 Composition books

    3 Plastic pocket folders with Brads (1 in each color: Red,Yellow and  Blue)

    2 Boxes of tissues

    4 Large erasers (no pencil toppers please)

    3 Packages of 24 Yellow # 2 pencils with erasers

    1 Set of headphones (name on bag and on headphones)

    12 Glue sticks

    1 Metric/standard ruler

    1 Container of Clorox wipes

    2 Bottles of Elmers liquid glue

    Boys only: 1 pack of gallon size baggies

    Girls only: 1 pack of quart size baggies

    Art Shirt - Name on it

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