• If your student requires a medication during school, please stop by the clinic to pick up the form or  acess the correct form through the school web site under Health Services and Medication forms, click view all and find the appropriate form.  

    The Medication form is required for any prescription or over the counter medication and needs to be completed by a physcian, signed by the parent/ guardian  and returned to the clinic  along with the  medication.  Please note that a student may not bring any medication to school.  The parent/guardian must deliver and pick up  any medication per Stafford County policy which is also available for review on the site.

    If your student has asthma or requires an epi-pen or benadryl for an allergic reaction, please have the Asthma Action form and/or Severe Allergy/Anaphylaxis form completed by the physician, signed by the  parent /guardian and  hand delivered along with the medication to the clinic.   The Physician's Statement form for students with Special Dietary Needs should also be completed for severe allergies and provides addition information for the nurse, teacher and dietary departments.  If your student has an allergy or food sensitivity not requiring an epi-pen, please be sure to contact your child's teacher to discuss accomidations in the classroom and during lunch.