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    The Importance of School Attendance | Good Attendance = Good Student Success
    Regular school attendance is directly related to school success; therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to be in school unless he/she is sick or is detained for another valid reason.  Attendance is mandatory until the student reaches the age of eighteen.  The law places the responsibility for school attendance directly upon the student and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s).

  • Attendance Policies and Procedures

    Reporting an Absence
    When a student is tardy to school or absent for any length of time, written documentation is required upon the student's return to school.  Phone calls cannot be accepted to excuse absences. All written documentation will be kept in your student's official attendance file so that it may be reviewed for accredidation. CLICK HERE to electronically submit written documentation for a student's absence.

    As a courtesy, parents/guardians will receive an automated phone call when their student is absent or tardy to school. 

     For the safety of your student

    EARLY DISMISSALS are not accepted via phone.

    Early Dismissals

     Any student who has a valid reason for leaving school prior to normal departure time may have their parent/guardian submit an early dismissal request using one of the following options:  (The only valid reasons for leaving early are doctor or dental appointments, court appearances, or illness).  There are no early dismissals during the last 15 minutes of the school day.

    • Students who are LEAVING DUE TO ILLNESS must sign out through the CLINIC

    1. WRITTEN REQUEST: students may present a written excuse signed by parent or guardian to the attendance office before 9:20 AM.  This note must state date and time of departure, reason for leaving early, and must contain a valid phone number for verification.  The student will be given a pass that allows them to meet their parent outside at the designated time.

    ***Passes for STUDENT DRIVERS will only be issued after verification with a parent/guardian. When an early dismissal cannot be verified, students will not be dismissed.

    2. PARENT/GUARDIAN may show I.D. and sign a student out at the Attendance Office.  Please allow up to 15 minutes for this process.  The attendance office will not process early dismissals after 3:15 PM.

    ALL students are expected to attend pep rallies and assemblies.  Absences from these events are unexcused.

    In light of the fact that school is dismissed at an early hour, parents are asked to make every effort to make appointments after school hours.  Students must bring doctor's notes to school after the visit so that the notes are part of the student's attendance record.  
    The attendance office will not process early dismissals after 3:15 PM.

    Written Excuses
    In order to excuse an absence, a written excuse from the parent/guardian must be turned into the Attendance Office within three (3) days of the student returning to school.  The note/documentation must include the date(s) of absence(s), reason the student was absent, and a valid telephone number where the parent/guardian can be reached.  A note/documentation will not be accepted after three (3) days of the student returning to school.  CLICK HERE to electronically submit written documentation.

    Virginia Compulsory Attendance Law considers the following to be excused absences:  Doctor and dental appointments, subpoenaed court appearances, religious holiday, family emergencies, death in the family, student illness or injury, illness in the family household necessitating the presence of the student, or Principal-approved absence are considered examples of valid reasons for excused absences.

    At five (5) unexcused absences, the school is required to initiate an attendance improvement plan.  At six (6) unexcused absences, the school is required to have an attendance conference.  At seven (7) unexcused absences, Stafford County Public Schools is required to report whether legal charges were initiated against the student, against the parent/guardian, or if legal charges were not initiated because an improvement plan is in place and working.  After fifteen (15) consecutive days of absence, the student will be dropped from the roll.  After thirty (30) days of absence, the student will be referred to the Office of Attendance Services of Stafford County.

    Unexcused Absences
    The following are considered to be unexcused absences in accordance with the Virginia Compulsory Attendance Law:

    • Truancy, which shall include:  absence of the student from school without the knowledge and permission of his/her parents or guardians or school authorities; absences of the student which are excessive and/or which interfere with the student's educational program; absence of the student for any reason other than one approved by the principal.
    • Skipping, cutting or leaving class without permission after reporting to school.
    • Absences not accompanied by a note from the parent/guardian upon the student returning to school.
    • All absences not covered under excused absences.
    • Suspension from school
    • Organized skip day

    Attendance Errors
    After report cards for a marking period are issued, the parent and student has five school days in which to report any attendance errors for that marking period to attendance personnel.  After the five-day period, all attendance is considered correct for the marking period.  Attendance will not be corrected and will remain on the student's permanent record.

    Pre-Arranged Absences (Family Trips and Surgeries)
    Under circumstances that require the family or student to be out of the area on urgent family business, assignments may be received and work completed; however, arrangements must be made prior to the trip and permission obtained from the principal.  Pre-Arranged absences do count against students' exam exemptions.

    A Pre-Arranged Absence Form must be completed by the student and parent/guardian.  The student is required to bring the form to all of the student's current instructors.  The form may be downloaded from this Web page or picked up in the Attendance Office.

    In the case of any emergency that makes it impossible to obtain prior permission, the student shall see the principal immediately upon his/her return.

    Homework Requests
    Homework requests are only considered for students who anticipate being absent more than two (2) school days.

    For student illnesses where a Pre-Arranged Absence Form is not necessary (not a surgery or family trip), the parent/guardian may request that homework be submitted to the Counseling Center for the student to complete.  A parent/guardian or another member must pick up this homework.  The student must be anticipated to be absent more than two (2) school days for a homework request to be initiated.

    Students who are absent should check the teachers' class pages in Synergy StudentVUE/ParentVUE for work to be completed or e-mail the teacher with any concerns.  Teacher e-mail addresses are on the website under top navigation bar, "Staff."

    Homework requests allow instructors one (1) school day to submit homework to the Counseling Center.  Homework will not be ready immediately for same-day service of the request.

    Please call Extension 137039 to place a homework request for a student who is anticipated to be absent more than two (2) school days.

    School Sponsored Activity Absences

    When students are absent from class due to participation in school sponsored activities, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the teacher(s) prior to the date of the activity.  Arrangements must be made regarding class assignments missed due to that absence.  School activity absences do not count against the students' exam exemptions. The coach or sponsor will send a participant list to the Attendance Office for official record.

    Tardy to School

    A student who is not in his or her class when the bell rings at 9:35 AM is considered tardy to school.  All tardy students must report to the attendance office to check in. 

    Tardies to school will be excused if students present a note from the doctor indicating a morning appointment.  Appointments for court will also be excused with a court document.

    Tardies, like absences, will not be excused over the phone and require written documentation. Doctor, dental or court paperwork is preferred.

    Oversleeping, car trouble, and missing the bus are unexcused tardies.

    Unexcused Tardies to School

    Students learn best when they begin the school day in a timely manner.  Teaching and learning cannot take place without the full cooperation of students and teachers.

    Students can cooperate by arriving to school and to class on time.

    All tardy students must report to the attendance office to check in. 
    Failure to check in to the attendance office for a tardy or an early out will result in a suspension.

    Tardies to school will result in the following consequences:

    1st Tardy Warning
    2nd Tardy After School Detention
    3rd Tardy Saturday School
    4th Tardy In School Suspension (ISS)
    5th+ Tardy Out of School Suspension (OSS)
    In addition to the consequences above, the student's parking permit may be suspended at the administration's discretion.

    Tardy to Class

    Any student arriving to class after the bell has rung will be considered tardy and will not be admitted until they receive a tardy to class pass from the attendance office.

    Failure to report on time will result in the following consequences:

    1st Tardy Warning
    2nd Tardy After School Detention
    3rd Tardy Saturday School
    4th Tardy In School Suspension (ISS)
    5th+ Tardy Out of School Suspension (OSS)
    In addition to the consequences above, the student's parking permit may be suspended at the administration's discretion.


  • Stafford County Public Schools Attendance Policy

    Stafford County Public Schools in its commitment to student success.  School attendance is critical for academic achievement and the preparation of students for the world of work and personal success.  State law requires the regular and punctual attendance of school. 

    A brief overview of the changes is listed below:

    ·         Students will be counted as absent if tardy more than one-third of a class period

    ·         Any student whose absences exceed 15 days will not receive credit for that course.  This will be counted as an “attendance failure.”  Students will be assigned Saturday school to make-up any days in excess of these thresholds in order to receive credit.

    In addition, a county-wide distinction has been made between work missed for excused absences versus unexcused absences. 

    ·         Students are expected to make up all work missed during an unexcused absence within a time period equal to the number of days absent.

    ·         Students are expected to make up all work missed during an excused absence within eight (8) class periods.

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