• Amy Zurasky

    Educational Diagnostician

               school bus      Hello!  I am a Virginia State licensed special education teacher (Learning Disabilities). I do not directly work with students anymore, but serve several support roles in my schools. I work at both Hartwood Elementary School and Anne E. Moncure Elementary Schools.  I will almost always be at Hartwood on Wednesdays and at Moncure on Thursdays, as these are the assigned days that SEC and Eligibility meetings are scheduled at each school.  

                            I am part of the Student Education Committee ("SEC") and Eligbility team at each school.  We are a team consisting of a number of educational professionals who meet regarding students and their academic or behavioral concerns. If a student is recommended for educational achievement testing as part of an inital evaluation or triennial evaluation, I conduct the achievement testing and present my findings in a report to the eligibility meeting.  I also conduct classroom observations.  I can also provide ideas for interventions and strategies to teachers and parents in order to support their students' educational needs.

                         If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me: zuraskyar@staffordschools.net