To my Moncure Bears; I miss you! It's been way to long since we have had a chance to see each other.  I thought of a few things that I have missed the most about being out.  One extended planning, I miss reading Zootopia to my fourth grade students and having you draw and seeing your master work! I miss playing Uno and having my 5th graders clean out their lockers every week.  I even miss car rider duty!  It's been hard not talking to everyone and seeing your smiling faces and trying to help you when you have a problem, but I promise we will get through this! I thought of a few things that you could do at home right now that may help.  Go outside, trust me the fresh air will make you feel better! Being cooped up all day isn't good for us and walking, riding your bike, skate boarding etc. will help!  The weather is not that bad! Every day, I walk with rock pants (the dog) and it's making me feel better so I hope that it helps you too!  I also thought of coloring, I know you're probably thinking that you're way to old to color, but it reduces stress and allows your mind to wander.  If you don't have crayons at home think about doodling on a peice of paper or construction paper, if you have it.  My best work has come from doodling!! 

    Please feel free to email me if you want to chat my email address is condetm@staffordschools.net.  I'll be updating this page and coming up with so more ideas.  Once again I miss you! Ms. Conde   

    The counseling department has small groups available for our students here at Moncure!

    Participation of students in a small group led by the school counself is an effective way to help children be more successful in school.  These successes are not only academic, but social and emotional as well.  Establishing positive relationships with peers and adults, developing empathy for others, coping with stress and community needs are necessary skills for well-being at home, in school, and in the community.  If you are interested in your child being a part of a small group please feel free to call Teresa Conde (School Counselor) at 540-658-6300 or email condetm@staffordschools.net

    Bear Patrol (grades K-5, self-control and anger)

    Bears Away (chidren of deployed parents-all ages)

    Study Skills/Organization (3-5)

    Changing Families (K-5)

    Bear Pals (social skills, K-5)

    Confident Me! (self-esteem, K-5)



    In an effort to help ensure that all of our families have adaquate food and warm clothing, we have provided below area resources that offer assistance.  Working together, we can ease some of the challenges facing area families who may be struggling to make ends meet.

    S.E.R.V.E.  is an organization that supplements the efforts of other local agencies.  Thanksgiving and Holiday food baskets are available. If you are interested in receiving a food basket, please contact S.E.R.V.E. directly at 540-288-9596 for further information.

    Rappahannock United Way provides referral assistance and information regarding local assistance, including Holiday and Winter assistance.  You can contact them directly at 540-373-0041

    Aquia Church provides a home-cooked meal each Wednesday from 6-7:30 and everyone in the community is invited.  Please call 540-659-4007 if you need information.

    Salvation Army is able to assist with food and clothing and can be contacted at 540-373-3431

    211 Virginia provides access to various services in the local area.  All referrals are confidential. You can call 211 or use the website: http://www.211virginia.org

    Fredericksburg Counseling Services provides free counseling services and can be contacted through their website at http://www.fcsagency.org

    "Shoe Fund" is a program through the Salvation Army that awards vouchers to purchase shoes for those students who need them. Please contact us if your student is in need of shoes!