• Welcome to the Counseling Department!

    Meet the Counseling Team:

    We hope to make this page a valuable resource for Moncure parents and students.  We will post information on several topics such as:

    * Special Events

    * Classroom guidance

    * Group Counseling Opportunities

    * Individual Counsleing

    * Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Students



    Why Elementary School Counselors? School Counselors are an important part of the educational leadership team and provide valuable assistance to students regardless of whether they work in an elementary school or middle school, high school or beyond.

    Small Groups
    are held for about 6 weeks in 45-minute sessions, primarily during lunchtime so that students do not miss valuable instruction time.  Topics vary based on the needs of your students.  Past groups have included areas such as anger management, family changes, conflict resolution, self-control, grief, friendship, and study skills.  Please contact the guidance department at 540-658-6300 to discuss which group would work best for your child. Classroom Guidance is a great opportunity to promote academic achievement, career development, and personal/social growth through individual classrooms.  Topics may include communication skills, behavior management, decision-making, goal setting, character education, and appreciating others. 

    Individual Counseling is for any student! Remember that counselors are available to help with any student, not just in emergency situations!  Individual sessions may include establishing personal goals, developing future plans, and learning to manage and monitor personalized academic, career and/or social skills.  Students may request counseling services themselves by asking their teacher if they can see a counselor.  However, parents, teachers, and/or administrators are also helpful in referring students for individual counseling.


    Do you have a timid bear at home? Nervousness and excitement are to be expected at the beginning of each new year, especially for our youngest cubs.  Crying and holding on to parents can extend into the first couple of weeks of school.  It's ok! A couple of things to know:

    • * We care for lots of kids. We know what to do! Chances are, your child is fine within a few minutes of arriving at school.  Reassure your child that he/she will be fine and that school is a fun and safe place.
    • * Try not to let your child convince you to let them stay at home or arrive to school late.  The days to follow will not become any easier for you or your child.
    • * If at all possible, let your child ride the bus from Day One if they are a bus rider.  Walking children in can be difficult, and can prolong the separation.
    • * If you know that separation is going to be an issue, please let the classroom teacher and counselor know.  We're here to help!