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Unlocking the Keys to Reading Comprehension - Summary

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    Unlocking the Keys to Reading Comprehension!

        Sounding out the words is only a part of the reading puzzle, but without the necessary understanding of the words and passages, reading is boring nonsense and a waste of time.  Students need to be able to unlock meaning as they read if they are ever going to enjoy and learn from reading.

        Good Readers use the following comprehension strategies to unlock meaning:

    1. Making Connections/Activating Background Knowledge:  Good readers connect what they read to what they have experienced and what they already know from reading other texts.
    2. Predicting/Inferring:  Good readers use their prior knowledge and information to make predictions, draw conclusions, and deepen their understanding of the text.
    3. Questioning:  Good readers ask questions about what they are reading to clarify meaning, make predictions, and focus their attention on what is important.
    4. Monitoring Comprehension:  Good readers monitor their comprehension while reading and apply fix up strategies when their understanding of the text breaks down.
    5. Summarizing:  Good readers identify key ideas or themes and focus their attention on the important information, which they distinguish from the unimportant.
    6. Visualizing:  Good readers create pictures in their minds as they read, using their senses to connect the character, events, and ideas to clarify the picture in their head.

        During the course of the year, all students at A. G. Wright Middle School will be taught these strategies and given ample opportunities to practice using them in all forms of reading.  Join us as we begin to make connections with what we read and learn with what we already know and have experienced.  Watch us grow!!


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